What To Watch: 01/12/2022

We’re not sure why a snarky synopsis by Mindy Kaling about her Scooby-Doo reboot/spinoff got her name trending on Twitter when trolls targeted her for hate (we have some ideas), but we’re actually pretty excited about her new series about the Mystery Inc. crew member known for her sharp insights amid losing her glasses. Our other top picks include a new true crime doc and a tired looking reality competition premise but with a spectacular host. There’s a mix of phones and phonies in the pic mix below.

Velma [HBO Max]
So, apparently Mindy Kailing is under attack for her new take on a classic. The Scooby-Doo character takes center stage in a new HBO Max animated series. Their complaint? A woman is the focus? Shaggy is African-American? She supported the wrong person? Internet trolls are the worst. This show looks like a lot of fun.

How I Caught My Killer [Hulu]
This docuseries focuses on the victims, recounting their digital footprints and private diaries as a framing device for catching their killer. 

The Traitors [Peacock]
Ok, this is not normally my cup of tea and a show about a group of people where some of them are secretly acting against the rest of the group is hardly original. However, as with Lingo yesterday, the host adds quite a bit of excitement here. In this case, it’s the dynamic and eccentric star of stage and screen Alan Cumming making me think there might be something here here.


  • We’re not really sure, but we’re pretty positive that picture says everything about the Netflix spin-off Vikings: Valhalla, which starts its second season today. If you’re expecting a lot of bows, beards, blood, and brutality, you likely will not be disappointed.
  • While Chuck Norris is too busy trying to roundhouse kick Trump back into the Presidency and vulnerable seniors into dubious gold and silver deals, the reboot of the show he made famous and its spin-off return to the CW today. That would be Walker and Walker: Independence respectively and star Jared Padalecki and Katherine McNamara respectively.
  • If you liked the Japanese film Shoplifters (and even if you don’t), you might enjoy the complicated-named, manga-based The Makanai: Cooking for the Maika House, as its from that movie’s director Hirokazu Kore-eda. The live-action Netfix series tells the tale of a chef for geishas.
  • With HBO Max’s new series The Climb, all you really need to know is its title and that it’s a reality competition and you could probably fill in the rest. Oh, the rock climbing show also stars verified hunk (who verifies this stuff?!?!) Jason Momoa and the winning athlete wins 100k.
  • The moody New Zealand crime series One Lane Bridge follows the team of a rookie and veteran detective as they try to solve a series of crimes on a… well, we think pretty highly of all you at-home Scholars so you pobably have guessed the end of that sentence by now. We could have just typed it but we don’t like to be repetitive. Now, long-winded, that we can get with. Like the time we didn’t tie an onion to our belts since it wasn’t the style at the time. Anyway, speaking of repetitive, the thriller airing on Sundance Now has somehow got a third season out of its premise. And it may very well be good. Where were we?
  • Lastly, the ALLBLK show A House Divided goes into its last season today. Will it be against itself? And if so will it stand? We do know one thing. Do NOT click on that NSFW link if you are indeed at work, or at least a workplace that frowns on looking at full rear-al nudity while on (or off) the clock.

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