What To Watch: 01/11/2022

On the day that will appear prominently in our 2022 Top Ten coming out on Sunday and Monday, we’ve got some worthwhile watches… if you know where to look–including a famous reader hosting a new version of a classic word game, a movie about women in Mexico fighting for their rights, and one of the most unlikely paths to underrated sitcom and its return for the second half of a fifth season (where does the time go?).

Noise [Netflix]
In this Mexican drama a woman bonds with mothers of missing children through a support group. It looks sad as hell, but also really good.

The Conners [ABC, 8p]
The Connors are back: the girls are still moved out but the family is as close as ever. Tonight, Jackie and Dan deal with the death of one of their high school teachers. One refreshing thing about this show is that it doesn’t shove the financial struggles of most families under the rug. it highlights then and finds humor and compassion.

Lingo [CBS, 9p]
This reboot may or may not have been greenlighted before Wordle became a Pandemic phenomenon, but if you watch the commercials, you can tell they are leaning into the connection. Lingo, as a concept under that name, goes back to 1988 in Canada, hosted by an American President’s forgotten son (Ronald Reagan literally once forgot who Michael was while visiting his college campus). The current host is RuPaul Charles, so if you know anything about me, you know I’ll give this a shot. 


  • Lack of proper investment will hit most start-ups, even the sexy mofos, and so it is as we start the second season of Sexify with our three University student leads trying to figure out where the next round of funding will be for their female orgasm app (it’s Pied Piper… but for sex). The Polish comedy itself, however, has received ample funding and is already an international success, if not a household name here.
  • We haven’t checked recently to see if The Goldbergs is still mixing up its 1980s jukebox musical references (or if it has meandered into the age of grunge), but we do know that Jeff Garlin’s patriarch is gone and the plucky ABC sitcom marches somehow through its 10th season. We’ll admit, the Winter Premiere’s episode title “Blade Runner: The Musical” sounds, well, kinda fun.
  • Have you ever wondered if Jack McBrayer, Jordin Sparks, or Chris Jericho can identify pieces of popular music in less than seven notes? If so, that’s a strange obsession, but oddly enough, you are in luck as Celebrity Name That Tune returns tonight on Fox.

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