What To Watch: 01/10/2022

[WORDLE SEMI-SPOILER] Today’s recs have nothing if not my close, but incorrect guess at today’s Wordle word (is anyone else still playing that?): quirk. We’ve got a goofy Britcom with an outstanding cast and two docs–one about the oddballiest of YouTube sensations/criminals (a milkshake duck from before that term existed) and another about what we did to get off before the web that’s worldwide made everything so… avaiable.

The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker [Netflix]
In 2013, a hitchhiker in Fresno went viral for describing an alleged hatchet attack. The man, Kai, unsuccessfully used the sensation as part of his defense in his murder trial in 2019. The trailer for this documentary seems irrelevant, considering that Kai’s victim was a 73-year-old New Jersey man. 

Here We Go [Britbox]
On the surface, this new-ish British comedy looks like a madcap family farce which could go either way. However, the trailer is very promising, as is the fact that its cast includes IT Crowds Kathleen Parkinson, Mike Leigh-regular Alison Steadman, and in the central role Peep Show‘s Mike Howick. 

Sex Before the Internet [VICE, 9p]
Remember sex before the internet? Being a gen X-er I do–you were lucky to find a beat up porn mag in the woods that all the neighborhood kids had to share. But i digress… this new Vice documentary takes a peak behind the culture of sex and porn before the internet made it all more accessible. From dating to the act itself, sex was a lot different before we were all connected. But was it better or worse? You be the judge.


  • It’s bad enough when actors are problematic, but what do you do when a whole awards show falls into that category. Between rumors of bribery to one of its leaders alledgedly groping one of this year’s likely award winners, HUFPA, the organization that decides the winners of the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards, well, probably should not be doing that. In any case, if you are reading this, like us, you probably enjoy movie award shows, so you can make your own decision as to balancing values and passions and if you want to watch them on NBC, this is a no-judgement zone, but maybe if you’re looking for presages of the Academy Awards, there’s always the SAG Awards two weeks before cinema’s “main event.”
  • Speaking of problematic, comedian Andrew Santino himself has not been accused of anything, but Alice Hamilton–an underrated stand-up who has the definitive tight-30 about misbehaving comedians–does aptly point out that he didn’t help matters by laughing off Chris D’Elia’s predeliction for underage girls. In any case, we do feel a bit less grimy about recommending his new Netflix special, but, well, you know. It’s called Andrew Santino: Cheeseburger and in it he claims to “[skewer] everything from global warming to sex injuries to politics.”

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