What To Watch: 01/06/2022

GOOP! If you’d asked us twenty years ago to try to guess the trajectory of recent Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow’s career, a million Scholars at a million typewriters would have never even come close to writing that story. She debuts as TV reality judge today, because, well, don’t make us say it–of course she does. We’ve also got everything from a thriller at an 1830s military institute to a supernatural noir on a Scottish oil rig. Meanwhile, RuPaul demands to be brought her 15th set of American drag queens.

The Pale Blue Eye [Netflix]
The highly anticipated film is now on Netflix. A Victorian murder mystery with Edgar Allen Poe as character and starring Christian Bale and Gillian Anderson? It’s easy to see why this a must-watch. If you liked Bale’s other collaborations with director Scott Cooper (Out of the Furnace, Hostiles) there’s even more to be excited about. quote the raven.. nevermore!

Shark Tank [ABC, 8p]
I haven’t recommended this show in awhile, even though we have plenty of problems at home that need to be solved! Tonight, Gwyneth Paltrow makes her first appearance as a Shark, and I am deeply curious about what she’ll invest in. (And how much crap she’ll take from the other Sharks.)

RuPaul’s Drag Race [MTV, 8p]
Like Dire Straits 37 years before her, RuPaul Charles wants her MTV–or, well, her iconic drag competition moves to the iconic network that once played music videos by artists like Dire Straits and RuPaul. The 15th season of the original program boasts a record 16 queens and even as hot and heavy as the World of Wonder pumps out the various all-stars and international versions, the franchise still hasn’t lost its luster. Ts Madison joins the main crew of judges while a pretty cool array of stars, including Harvey Guillen, Academy Award favorite Janelle Monae, and, tonight, Ariana Grande.


  • The Rig takes us to the fun world of 1830s Scotland to, well, as the topic lays out pretty clearly (well, once we realize it’s at least a century before trucks), an oil rig. The Amazon Prime six-episode thriller has a supernatural twist and stars Emily Hampshire.
  • At the center of the well-reviewed AMC+ movie Vesper is the 13-year-old titular bio-hacker played by Raffiella Chapman. She lives in your standard dystopian landscape, in this case, picture Avatar‘s Pandora after a nuclear holocaust, but in actuality what happened is bioengineered viruses led to plague and famine. Vesper is our only hope to save humanity.

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