What To Watch: 01/05/2022

We’re back on a day of busy TV–both streaming and traditional. We’ve got the return of two underrated television shows, both of which likely to show up on our 2022 Top 20 shows (watch the skies… or better yet, this site). There’s a third show that is better than you might think but still not great, but is must watch for the sendoff of a comedy legend who died suddenly last year. However, we lead with the unlikely second dip into serial TV of an edgy German director.

Copenhagen Cowboy [Netflix]
A woman embarks on an odyssey through Copenhagen’s dangerous underworld in this series produced by Nicholas Winding Refn.

Ghosts [CBS, 8:30p]
A CBS sitcom about a woman who sees departed souls sounds like a joke that isn’t funny. However, the comcept worked in the UK, and against all odds, is just as funny in its pitch perfect American remake. Returning for the second half of its second season, the charming and hilarious show just works thanks to characters who rise above their initial caricatures, great performances, and compelling relationships and sweet moments that don’t undercut the sharp humor.

Hell’s Kitchen [Fox, 8p]
I could watch the new Discovery+ documentary about the Jan 6 insurrection, but i need a break. Instead, it’s time for the 22nd season debut of Gordon Ramsey’s culinary makeover show. I’d rather watch Ramsey scream at people then be reminded that America has lost its mind.


  • Call Me Kat kind of meandered somehow through two and a half seasons–we had to check that too–and while it’s never as good as its UK original Miranda, it had at least two things going for it: cats and comedian and gay icon Leslie Jordan. Sadly, Jordan died in a car crash last year at age 67, and we are now out of episodes of the Fox show featuring the fireball of a man, so it’s time for the tribute. Star Mayim Bialik promises they’ve “found a way for him to live on forever” and we’ll admit we’re curious as to just what that might entail.
  • After it appeared the ClunkClunkiverse had faded to a single show, last year, NBC finally agreed with Tracy Jordan that it should never have canceled the original series because it was a tentpole! A tentpole! Law & Order returns for the second half of its 22nd season and holds down a block that includes second halves of the only scripted drama with more seasons, Law & Order: SVU, and the relatively new Law & Order: Organized Crime.
  • It’s one hell of a night for long-running po-po shows. There’s even two programs that ended runs only to be brought back by popular demand… although one is technically a “follow-up” with a slightly altered title. CSI:Vegas enters into the back nine of what is technically it’s second season, but we’d be OK with you calling it a 17th.
  • The reviews of Fox’s mockumentary Welcome to Flatch have been tepid at best, but we (or at least two of us) find the weird cast of characters occupying a peculiar Ohio town delightful, especially Krystal Smith’s Big Mandy and Too Many Cooks‘ serial killer William Tomarsky’s crusty Len.
  • The “robot sports” genre is pretty much filled by one show. It’s Battlebots and it’s back on Discovery+ for another season of mailboxes vs. Ralph Wiggumses.
  • George & Ginny are a mother-daughter duo in a New England town with a tight bond and witty banter. So, it might be bringing up memories of another show from the ’00s. Obviously, we’re talking about Gary Unmarried. Remember that show. Neither do we. Well Gil… we mean George & Ginny returns for a second season today on Netflix.

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