What To Watch: 12/11/2022

Oh, Daphne, what is it that you saw in the opening of the second season of Mike White’s uniquely presented mystery? Whose bodies did you bump into in the water? And most importantly, what is going on behind those eyes as we’re pretty sure the originally seemingly vapid housewife is playing some sort of con woman 11-dimensional chess. So it goes as one of the most talked about shows of the year airs its finale tonight. Otherwise, it’s mostly Christmas specials and movies, but there’s also a cool-looking special about an eclectic artist who has overcome obstacles.

The White Lotus [HBO, 9p]
So here we are. Harper and Ethan are fighting, Albie may or may not be getting played by sex worker Lucia (oh how I want to believe in her), who knows what Greg and the gay boat crew are plotting for Tanya, and everybody (but me) hates Portia. That’s just the tip of the intertwined story iceberg so Mike White has a lot to wrap up tonight and we are THERE for it. I’d love to see Portia save the day and shut up everyone who has put her with Janice Soprano, Skyler White, and other unfairly maligned characters who are uncoincidentally usually women.

National Christmas Tree Lighting: Celebrating 100 Years [CBS, 8p]
It’s the 100 anniversary of the National Tree Lighting. That’s a pretty big deal so CBS is broadcasting it tonight. There are a lot of reasons why the country is divided. but for a moment it’s refreshing to have a moment of unity.


  • Artist Dale Chihuly has been working in the medium of glass since sometime in the mid-1960s. After a 1979 car accident eventually rendering him unable to hold the glassblower, but the passion remained inside and eventually he employed like-minded individuals to help him create his art, and the now-81-year-old sculptor is famous enough to have an extensive Wikipedia page, and more germane to this writing, the Smithsonian documentary Master of Glass: The Art of Dale Chuhuly.
  • Mike Rowe returns to bestow glory on the everyday professions which involve hands on performance that often leads to dusty, soiled garments–hence the title Dirty Jobs. The classic Discovery show returns for a 10th season starting tonight.
  • The Christmas content just keeps on a-coming and some of the titles are just amazing today. Let’s start, however, with the mundane. Let’s start with the more mundane: Hallmark’s The Holiday Sitter is the meet cute of a busy businessman and the 20-something dude he hires to babsit his daughter on Christmas and calling it mundane feels like we’ve made some progress as a civilization from our collective Scholarly childhoods to 2022. Must Love Christmas stars Scholars favorite Liza Lapira and in spite of having a lot of the elements and spirit of a Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex film (successful big city woman meets aspiring artisan in her home town and may or may not fall in love) it makes it all the way to CBS where it follows the tree lighting touted above. ION’s A Prince and Pauper Christmas goes to that Twain well again and we won’t hate on that. And that leaves us with our two favorite Yuletide titles of this season: UP’s Santa’s Got Style and Lifetime’s Single and Ready to Jingle and while we’ll link to descriptions, we want to just leave them up there with (well, otherwise) no further information.

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