What To Watch: 12/10/2022

We’re deep in the heart of Christmas movie season, and since Saturdays tend to be the home for Lifetime and Hallmark movies, it means that this is a busy day for new Christmas movies. However, in our Scholarly mind, laughter leads off the… ah, well, we lost the metaphor, but good options tonight include SNL‘s (tied for) most frequent guest and his longtime pal and former castmember taking time off from solving crimes in the fictional Arconia apartments, as well as an up-and-coming standup rocking her debut HBO special.

Atsuko Okatsuka: The Intruder [HBO, 10p]
Comedian Atsuko Okatsuka’s HBO special  If you want bona fides, she was one of this year’s 2022 “comedians to watch” per Variety magazine. 

Saturday Night Live [SNL, 11:30p]
OG’s Martin Short and Steve Martin hosting live from New York?? Two comedy legends–one a 1980s cast member, the other who might as well have been an original cast member (and ties Alec Baldwin for most appearances??? Sign me up! and what??? Brandi Carlisle is the musical guest?? Will Selena Gomez pop in? Almost certainly! Oh man, this is going to be good.


  • One of the quirkier entries in the already over-the-top K-drama genre, Alchemy of Souls takes place in a non-esistent land out of time, somewhere between heaven and hell, where body-switching magic is prevalent. Its second half debuts today on Netflix.
  • Oxygen puts a twist on the true-crime serial killer story formulas, this time–instead of focusing on individual monsters–looking into a city where a lot of monsters have sadly congregated: Lousiana’s capitol city of Baton Rouge. Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge debuts today.
  • And so we get to the Christmas fare. In alpha order, we have the Hallmark flick Christmas Class Reunion, the presumably football-based drama on OWN, A Christmas Fumble, the perfectly generically titled The Gift of Peace (at lease we need some) is on HMM, Lifetime brings us the Gospel-tinged Kirk Franklin’s The Night Before Christmas, GAF continues its obsession with heirs to royalty with A Prince for the Holidays, while UP goes back to the basics (at least titles-wise) for A Royal Christmas Match. Speaking of basics, let’s close out this round-up withr tonight’s SNL co-host doing his classic Christmas sketch “A Christmas Wish.”

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