What To Watch: 12/05/2022

The only show with both Battlebears and Lin-Manuel Miranda is back for a third season of fantasy. It’s certainly the biggest new content by far, but there’s a wide variety of intriguing–and often fairly oddball–new stuff on the air and streaming this Monday.

His Dark Materials [HBO, 9p]
The third and final season of HBO and BBC’s adaptation of Philip Pullman’s trilogy promises a “real war” (presumably more epic than the polar bear fight in season one) plus witches, airships, angels, very brave tweens, and a heartthrob who needs a haircut.

TMZ’s Merry Elfin’ Christmas [Fox, 8p]
Post Malone, Henry Winkler, Giada De Laurentiis, Kenya Moore, Smokey Robinson, Kenny G and Camille Vasquez–interesting crew, no? They are all part of TMZ’s second annual Christmas special. They all give their opinions on the season and the year that was. could be interesting… TERRORISM?

The Tetris Murders [Investigation Discovery, 9p]
This documentary about the suspicious death (officially called a murder-suicide) of one of the creators of the famous Russian puzzle game and his family is unusually high-budget for the true-crime home and borders on the feel of a Netflix docu-series. International intrigue abounds as few of the clues fit into place, kind of like a game of… nah!


  • How Stella Got Her Groove Back meets, oh, let’s say Love Island (or perhaps more accurately, the fake 30 Rock show “MILF Island,” and we’ve got Hulu’s Back in the Groove. Uncoincidentally, the host of this reality show about younger men dating older women is Taye Diggs, the actor who got his break in the 1996 film as the young lover–although at 51, it’s likely Diggs is now older than the contestants.
  • People stopped making MTV doesn’t play music videos jokes over 20 years ago and we’ve just become so accustomed to all its reality shows and AFTV-style clip shows of the -Nessiverse that it doesn’t even seem sad or crazy that the food-related spin-off from that latter world, Deliciousness, is already up to a third season starting tonight.
  • The new USA series Barmageddon is hosted by Blake Shelton with help from Carson Daly and Nikki Bella, because what else would they be doing, in which “the celebrities you love are giving video viral sensations a shot at redemption by playing some crazy games.” We listened to that explanation in the trailer about 27 times and we still have no idea what they mean. And we guess it’s supposed to have something to do with a bar and Jay Pharoah is one of the celebrities you love [love him! LOVE HIM!].

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