What To Watch: 11/18/2022

The parade of unlikely, late-arriving, and somewhat head-scratching sequels continues–although, we’ll admit for the most part we’re princely levels of charmed at the return of Amy Adams’ princess. We’re also rec’ing Ryan Gosling yuletide joy and Kristen Bell indie snark.

The People We Hate at the Wedding [Amazon Prime]
Kristin Bell and Ben Platt play two American siblings who are reluctantly dragged to the wedding of their rich half-sister in London. Allison Janney–who has played a mom on a show called Mom for a decade–is their mom, also along for the trip and not happy about it either. Keep an eye out for Rutherford Falls’ Dustin Milligan in a role as Bell’s airplane neighbor (and love interest?) who steals scenes, or at least the trailer.

Spirited [Apple TV+]
Fresh from the theaters and streaming today is AppleTV+’s first Christmas movie! Will Ferrell stars as the Ghost of Christmas Present, who takes on a challenging Scrooge, played by Ryan Reynolds. I love the idea that many men get Scrooged every year, and I love the idea that some ghosts are better at their job than others.

Disenchanted [Disney+]
Did anyone want a sequel to 2007’s Enchanted? Well, either way, we got one! And it’s on Disney+ of course. I am Gen-X’er so maybe that’s why I mock. Sorry, millennials if you grew up on the original. This time around, we’re in the time after Gisele’s happily ever after: she, Robert and Morgan move to a new community and Andalasia and the real world are thrown off-balance. Pass the popcorn.


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