What To Watch: 11/13/2022

It’s quite a day for Peak TV shows featuring longago Oscar winners in programs with geographic locations from the Western U.S. Well, there’s two new shows from the people at Paramount–one new, one returning, one streaming, one scheduled, one with Sly Stallone, one with Kevin Costner. Also, in the shadow of a surprisingly good Mid-Terms for Democrats, a former First Lady of the party speaks.

Tulsa King [Paramount+]
What happens when a NYC mafia capo is released form prison and forced to set up shop in Tulsa? if he’s played by Sly Stallone, he builds up a crew of his own because he feels the mob may be coming for him. It’s the 76-year-old Stallone’s first TV role of more than two episodes.

Michelle Obama: The Light We Carry, A Conversation with Robin Roberts [ABC, 10p]
What’s not to love about Michelle Obama? You could argue the same about veteran news anchor Robin Roberts. Roberts interviews the former FLOTUS in an interview promoting her new book; both the book and interview promise to be both compelling and uplifting, and who couldn’t use an uplift in this chaotic era.


  • Kevin Costner’s returns for a fifth season in arguably his best non-sports, non-Oscar-winning role as rancher John Dutton III, patriarch of a powerful landowning family… and now Governor of Montana?! We really have fallen behind on our Yellowstone. It returns on Paramount tonight.
  • If you are a fan of Peaky Blinders–and there do seem to be a significant amount of you out there–while that show may have come to its end in April, the latest show from its creator Stephen Knight moves the action forward a couple generations to WWII Britain in 1941. Rogue Heroes tells the tale of SAS flyers in Britain and debuts on Epix today.
  • The Brazilian romantic comedy series Luna’s World follows a woman whose new job as a horoscope writer takes a surprise turn. We’re guessing it’s something at least semi- supernatural, but we know it’s on HBO Max.
  • Those dead can soon end their walking, but not quite this week as we hit the penultimate show of AMC’s zombie show The Walking Dead and look who’s still standing–it’s the unportmanteau-able platonic duo of Carol and Daryl (Caryl? Darol?).
  • Do you think we’re not going to mention–or watch?–a special called The Dog Games–World Pup 2022. OK, so the Discovery+ streaming show is assuredly just Puppy Bowl for this year’s soccer/football extravaganza the World Cup, but… why would we even say just… that’s maximum cuteness and we should all be glued to it right now.
  • Finally, it’s eleven days before Thanksgiving but it’s the height of the Christmas season in the L-HV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex–the land of a certain sort of movie). We’ve got four new movies this Sunday night. Up brings us The Picture of Christmas. On GAF, we’ve got My Best Friend’s Christmas, not starring Rupert Everett and Julia Roberts. Over at Lifetime, it’s Six Degrees of Santa, not starring Stockard Channing, Courtney B. Vance, Will Smith, or Kevin Bacon. Finally, Hallmark’s original flick du jour is Christmas at the Golden Dragon which does not star an actual dragon.

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