What To Watch: 11/11/2022

F.! Murray! Abraham! It seems like the octogenarian former Amadeus Oscar-winner is everywhere these days–except returning to the hilarious scripted show about video games whose third season drops today. Also, Elvis Mitchell looks at the history of Black cinema with some of the people who were there, James Corden’s continuing career continues to stretch the credulity of mankind, but we start off with the latest sweet story about a boy and his dragon.

My Father’s Dragon [Netflix]
Streaming today on Netflix and directed by The Breadwinner’s Nora Twomey, this animated movie follows a young boy who runs away, befriends a cat, and rescues a dragon. This film looks absolutely beautiful, and it’s always a gift to get a film from the Cartoon Saloon, who brought us Song of the SeaThe Secret of Kells, and Wolfwalkers.

Mythic Quest [Apple TV+]
A hill i will happy die on is that this video game themed show is one of the best workplace comedies ever. I couldn’t be happier that season three has arrived. Poppy and Ian have started their own rival gaming company and we are off to the races–s soon as P and I decide wether to take the seed money or not.

Is That Black Enough For You? [Netflix]
In this docu-series, legendary NY Times film critic Elvis Mitchell explores the history of Black cinema, focusing on a ten year period from 1968-1978 (well, technically 11) that changed everything in how African Americans were portrayed in Hollywood. Archival footage is intercut with interviews from people who were there, such as Harry Belafonte and Billy Dee Williams, and actors who were growing up inspired by it like Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburne. 



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