What To Watch: 11/10/2022

Christmas, detective stories, and brunch lead the way on this Thursday edition of we scholars suggesting things and hopefully y’all watching them. Or not. We don’t get paid either way, so it’s all good!

The Big Brunch [HBO Max]
While David Rose would likely be insufferable at brunch before ultimately revealing his unique charm, we suspect his creator and portrayor Dan Levy will be charming from the get-go. This series features Levy and two food experts judging an array of chefs showing off their brunch-y best.

The Calling [Peacock]
Ever wonder how detectives approach their job? This rockin'[ cop show shows David E. Kelley’s perspective as it tells the story of an NYPD detective whose deeply held Jewish faith aids him in solving grisly crimes. There are very few rocks left unturned when it comes to police procedurals, so let’s see what this one has to offer.

Falling for Christmas [Netflix]
Lindsay Lohan is back! This Christmas movie asks, what if Overboard had more schmaltz and a ton of Christmas? (Hopefully less mysogyny, too.) It looks awful and I can’t wait to stream it. Welcome back, Lindsay! We missed you.


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