What To Watch: 11/09/2022

So democracy lives, at least for a few weeks, months, or years. As we reflect on the red wave that thankfully broke into a gentle foam, we can look at what it’s like for a nation that lives under the thumb of a brutal monarch. The fifth season of the show is the first after Queen Elizabeth’s death so it’s bound to hit a bit differently.

The Crown [Netflix]
Season five promises the tumultuous 1990s of the Windsor Family, and behind-the-scenes shots have shown “the revenge dress,” so it would appear Diana and Charles’s divorce will take priority. (I hope Sarah Ferguson gets some kind of justice, though). We’ll see a new cast this season, with Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Lesley Manville, Jonny Lee Miller, Dominic West, Elizabeth Debicki, Marcia Warren, and Olivia Williams as Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Princess Margaret, Prime Minister John Major, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Camilla.

Pawn Stars Do America [History, 8p]
Shouldn’t the Pawn Stars buy us dinner first? I’ve always had a soft spot for this antique hunter show. I learn a lot and the “characters” are funny enough. So i’m down for this new series. I just wonder if their cultural moment has passed…

Hard Knocks in Season: The Arizona Cardinals [HBO, 10p]
We’re about halfway through an NFL season, and the good news is it’s time for HBO to embed its cameras with a professional football team. Unfortunately, that team is the chronically underachieving Arizona Cardinals who are letting another season slip out if its fingers with a 3-6 start. But the ever-charismatic JJ Watt could make it entertaining and/or endearing. 


  • Certainly a more accurate portrayal of Sepp Blatter and FIFA than the critically reviled United Passions, the Netflix documentary FIFA Uncovered is released to coincide with the most questionable World Cup location in history: the nation of Qatar–a human rights violation in country form that regularly achieves temperatures in the 120s.
  • It’s a big content night for football of both varieties, as additionally Netflix brings us the fun-looking animated kids movie The Soccer Football Movie and Disney+ debuts Save Our Squad with David Beckham in which the English football legend known for getting the bends tries to save a lower tier team from relegation.
  • Disney+ rolling out the animated shorts compilations. Yesterday, it was the Minions’ time to shine; today, the big mouse goes for a collection of those anthropomorphized urban animals from Zootopia+.

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