What To Watch: 11/07/2022

It’s an ordinary Monday–well, other than the sense of dread for the concept of democracy as we go to the polls. We’re suggesting that if you are not knocking on doors or making calls to make sure that the Senate does not start looking like something out of Idiocracy, we suggest distracting yourself from the news with all that Peak TV provides–before, of course. if you haven’t yet, voting tomorrow. Unfortunately, as we started off, it’s an ordinary Monday, which means there’s some new stuff, but the pickings are a bit slim.

Behind Every Star [Netflix]
This drama is a Korean version of the French series Call My Agent, about powerful, fast-moving music managers who star in their jobs, but, surprise, surprise, their home life is not particularly organized. It’s not going to be for everyone. I’m not sure it’s even for me. However, it does look flashy and fun and way over the top in the way KDramas can often be, so it’s worth a shot. Apparently there’s also an Indian version, so can an American adaptation 

The Vow [HBO, 9p]
The second season continues tonight. Keith Raniere, cult leader and volleyball enthusiast, is in jail, but the effects of his crimes are still felt by his victims. And his followers can’t seem to quit him–insert shoulder shrug imoji here, not because I `don’t care about the victims, but because that horse has been taken to water and won’t drink.


  • Into the Kardashian void rushes The Culpo Sisters. They are sisters who are also social media influencers, and at least two of whom are dating popular athletes (Braxton Berrios and Christian McCaffrey) and now have a reality show. Totally different. The action starts tonight on TLC.
  • Discovery+ is being a bit stingy with the info about it, but its newest true crime series, Inside the Heist is pretty self-explanatory. If you love movies like Oceans 11 and Out of Sight, this is the reality show for you, but you knew that!
  • The Christmas parade continues, if a bit muted today. All the holiday action is on Food Network where we have both Holiday Baking Championship and Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown.

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