What To Watch: 11/06/2022

All we want for Christmas… is fewer Christmas shows in early November. Remember The Early November? Whatever happened to them. And that awkward segue leads us to point out that a lot of the non-Christmas content has been distinctly musical. And thus it is with our top pick today–the story of a man who went from a Teddy Bear to creator of sound walls to cold-blooded killer.

Spector [Showtime, 9p]
Granted, a lot has already been said and written about Phil Spector, but Showtime has released a new docu-series just in case you had forgotten. Was he a genius? Well, he did add a lot to American music and his Wall of Sound is still omnipresent all these years later. Was he a madman? A murderer? Humans are complicated and dangerous and phil was that tenfold.

Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League [Smithsonian, 9p]
At the very least, this promises to be better than the recent scripted movie about the creation of FIFA (which makes the Wikipedia page for movies considered the worst of all time). I’m not a soccer fan, per se, but in another life, I probably would be. Loved the Nick Hornby book this doc takes its name from. The story of how the English league created the newest phase of England’s top tier could well prove fascinating. Did you know there are 24 tiers?!?!?!


  • When you think BBC America, your first thought likely isn’t musical drama, and Mood seems right out of the CW/Freeform playbook with its plucky future music star who will not be deterred from superstardom and those who would support or block her path. Nicole Lecky reprises the lead role from her critically acclaimed play.
  • The “karma” in Family Karma is a bit of a crass tip-off that the protagonists of this drama-laced reality show are Indian. The Bravo series is inexplicably going into its third season as some of the family start the nuptual ball rolling.
  • Sleeping with Death stakes out a very specific sector in the true crime world and there’s clues what it is right in the title. This Oxygen anthology concerns irself with the violence that happens at the most vulnerable.
  • Based on the Arrested Development movie-within-a-show “Les Cousins Dangereux,” Dangerous Liaisons gets its umpteenth adaptation, this time on Starz. This version features Alice Englert & Nicholas Denton as the starcrossed sorts whose liaisons become dangerous.
  • It’s two weeks to the end of the greatest zombie serial of all time, so we Scholars are giddy at the chance to use that rarely used chestnut: antepenultimate. As in this week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be the antepenultimate of its run.
  • And then there was Christmas. Let’s go in alpha order: All Saints Christmas is not a way-too-late holiday special by the band who scored the 1997 hit “Never Ever,” but a drama about love and faith as the yuletide carols soar. The Food Channel adapts one of its franchises for the holiday with a season of Christmas Cookie Challenge. Eddie Williams and Ree Drummond star. Romance surprisedly stays in the city in Up’s Christmas Masquerade, in which both the lovebirds are busy people. We go back to the Food Network for Holiday Wars, which kind of speaks for itself. GAF is threatening 18 new holiday romance movies… promising… we mean, promising 18 new holiday romance movies. Love at the Christmas Contest throws a bunch of words together and is the fifth of 18. Fittingly, we end this charade on the Lifetime channel where the actually pretty cool title Well Suited for Christmas makes its debut.

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