What To Watch: 11/04/2022

Hello fellow scholars of screen! We’re back from hiatus and feisty. We kind of had to come back given just how much good, good stuff is released this Streaming Friday–and, yes, we’re going to keep trying to make that happen as it’s soooo fetch. Let’s be fat dogs about this. And on that note, while we were away, our favorite six season show finally got the movie to go with it. So, here’s our recommendations, leading off with one of the weirdest, Weird-est , most meta movies ever to hit Roku. Actually, eat it, because our staff picks all involve musician-turned-actors in one way or another.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story [The Roku Channel]
If you’re going to do a parody of musical biopics, why not go all-the-way-meta and do one about the most successful parody artists of all time. Based on a Funny-or-Die video from years ago, this movie stars the ever delightful Daniel Radcliffe as the master of the accordion and the only man to hit the Billboard Top 40 once and only once in four consecutive decades. This looks (and likely smells) like comedy nirvana, so light up a fattie, if you have any bologna, eat it, whether you’re white and nerdy or otherwise. Enough word crimes, but this could be so much rock and roll fun.

My Policeman [Amazon Prime]
Because he never goes away: Harry Styles stars as a young, married policeman who engages in a same-sex in 1950s Britain in this drama, new today. 

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me [Apple TV+]
Salena Gomez gives fans an intimate look at her life and struggles in this new documentary. Including her struggles with depression and mental health. As the world tries to become more stigma free, it’s good that we have high profile people like Salena to give us a new perspective on how we look at our mental wellness.


  • With all the shows about zombies over the past decades, how about a zombie show. Manifest spent three years slowly building an audience on NBC for its little supernatural show about a group of airplane passengers, presumed dead, who land about a hundred miles and five years after their scheduled arrival in NYC. Then, once it started to gather a cult following, NBC canceled it abruptly with three future seasons all mapped out. After weeks at number one on Netflix, it seemed the perfect match… yet Netflix didn’t bite… until it did.
  • The return of the Apple TV+ thriller The Mosquito Coast‘s path to a new season was far more simple. Justin Theroux’s star turn as a disillusioned inventor returns for a second go around on the same streaming service.
  • On a lighter note, NBC’s Duane “The Rock” Johnson high school comedy, Young Rock, returns for a third season of showing the path that leads a young man to become an NFL footballer then a WWE superstar then one of the biggest movie stars in the world then a person with his own show about his life growing up.
  • So many Holmes, so little time. Millie Bobbie Brown returns after two years to stay in her role as Sherlock’s sister for the star-studded Enola Holmes 2. The crime-solving mini-series is on Netflix and, alongside Brown, stars Henry Cavill, David Thewlis, and Helena Bonham-Carter.
  • It would not be a Streaming Friday without a bunch of imports. We’ve got two debuts on Netflix and one on Amazon Prime. Netflix offers the marvelously named The Fabulous, a Korean drama/romance set in the fast fashion universe (spoiler alert: they don’t have the same take as John Oliver or Hasan Minhaj). In Elesin Oba: The King’s Horseman, also on the ‘Flix, the Yoruba people of West Africa are front and center as a man returns home to bury his father. It’s based on a novel by Wole Soyinka. Going into its second season on Amazon Prime, the flashy Brazilian drama El Presidente injects FIFA’s transfer of power with ample doses of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
  • With similar levels of flash, the latest in real estate reality is Buying Beverly Hills, which is everything you might expect, but maybe not quite as gaudy as instead of on Bravo or A&E, it’s on Netflix.
  • You know it’s a busy day when it takes until the third set of also-ons to talk about a streaming A24 movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Screen Scholar favorite Brian Tyree Henry. Apple TV+’s Causeway tells the story of two strangers who bond over navigating their stages of grief.
  • The Indonesian horror thriller Satan’s Slaves 2: Communion, a haunted family who have sought refuge together, emerge from a storm to find they are alone in the universe… well, not quite alone as they are haunted by a terrifying presence. It’s, of course, on Shudder, and we’re not sure if you have to have watched Satan’s Slaves to keep up. While you’ll probably be OK, if you wish to do a double feature, it’s also there for you on Shudder.
  • Based on a Korean webtoon, the Netflix anime Lookism is about a shy teen who wakes up one morning to find that he has face and body for days.
  • The new NBC sitcom Lopez vs. Lopez gives veteran comedian George Lopez a chance to prove Chris Griffin wrong about the quality of his humor, but to show he can raise a funny child. He and his daughter play a… father and daughter who spar constantly, but down deep love each other on the future trivia question. No, we’re sure it’s good and will last.
  • As the Oscar-worthy Marvel blockbuster Black Panther‘s sequel (in theaters November 11) approaches, we are excited–although with a heavy heart due to the absence of its lead actor Chadwick Boseman after his unexpected death at 43. Excited enough to watch Black Panther: In Search of Wakanda… we’ll see.
  • Finally, in the land of Lifetimes and Hallmarks, there’s also a full plate and no… it can’t be… not yet… it’s already beginning to look a lot like… Christmas. Well, what can you do. If you love these movies, you probably don’t mind an early start to the season. Hallmark brings us A Magical Christmas Village featuring a romantic meet-cute amidst yuletide chaos. Honorary LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) member UP has the spirit locked and loaded with Unperfect Christmas Wish which seems pretty similar–and the only trailer we could find was on a site that’s either making fun of it or has the weirdest and poorly punctuated name. Lifetime bucks the St. Nicksian trend with Secrets in the Family, about secrets in a family.
  • So, there you have it, 19+ new options–in addition to older stuff–for your weekend’s viewing joy. Here to play us out, it’s Orchastral Manouevers in the Dark… who writes this shit?! Bill O’Reilly?!?! It’s OK. WE’LL DO IT LIVE!

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