What To Watch: 10/14/2022

Is this the end for William Shatner’s most expressive role? The gang’s back together.. well Jamie Leigh Curtis and the murderer in the 1970s Shatner mask are back for what may be (but probably won’t be) the last chapter of John Carpenter’s famous horror franchise. We’ve also got an indie pop duo’s story made into a mini-series and a whole lot more on a crazy Streaming Friday.

Halloween Ends [Peacock]
Halloween ends… or does it? Well, at this point Michael Myers may come back in some way (how can he not), but it does look as if this is likely Jamie Lee Curtis’ last go around as iconic final girl Laurie Strode. Will this be a fitting goodbye? You will have to judge for yourself.

High School [Freevee]
This teen drama comes from an unlikely source: the memoir of the twin sisters Tegan & Sara who have been creating their unique style of alternative and pop music for over two decades now. The pair are now in their 40s, but their creation myth as they decide to make music while navigating their sexual orientation is interesting enough to fuel a compelling new mini-series to help boost the fledgling Freevee service.

Black Butterflies [Netflix]
A struggling novelist agrees to author a dying man’s memoir, only to gain confession to his many, many murders.


  • Like the classic Stoppard play/film Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead did with Hamlet, the Hulu original comedic flick Rosaline looks at Romeo & Juliet from another angle, in this case, that of Juliet’s sister (played by Kaitlyn Dever) who is trying to get over being dumped by the teenage cad. The intriguing movie also boasts a great supporting cast including Minnie Driver and Bradley Woodford.
  • Marlon Wayans stars as the patriarch of a family moving to a small town in the Netflix original movie The Curse of Bridge Hollow. He hates Halloween, while the town is all about Halloween, but that’s only the initial conflict. It gets real (or unreal) when the beaucoup lawn decorations come to life and start attacking. On paper, it’s a terrific premise; unfortunately the reviews are in and very much not good.
  • The Italian series Everything Calls For Salvation takes place in a psychotic ward as the inmates try to make sense of their captive life and unpredictable reality by becoming friends. It looks alternately terrifying and sweet. It’s also on Netflix.
  • Anarchy child and S&M Grey boy Charlie Hunnam returns to the world of TV series with the Apple TV+ show Shantaram. While the tale of an Australian con on the run in 1980s Bombay is not directly in the Scholarly wheelhouse, you may know how we feel about Apple TV+.
  • There’s a couple more foreign imports on Netflix: Holy Family is a Spanish thriller about a mom who will go to great lengths to protect her fam. Meanwhile, the long awaited second series of the Hindi dramedy Mismatched hits the Flix.
  • The Roku Channel’s Martha Gardens is not the dirt cheap avenue in Monopoly but an actual gardening show from hardened criminal and American icon Martha Stewart. No word on whether her bestie Snooooooooop will be showing up.
  • We’ll close this out like we like to do in the L-HV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex). Lifetime’s offering The Shoplifting Pact sounds like a 1980s ABC Afternoon special with a kick as Sky is happy to join a crowd at her new high school, until she discovers they’re way into shoplifting. Gnarly!

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