What To Watch: 10/13/2022

Terror comes from many corners and on this Thursday the 13th, we’ve got everything from Ryan Murphy’s take on creepy NJ neighbors, Dario Argento putting the fear of spectacles in us, and the founding of Spotify in a mini-series that isn’t technically a horror show, but many music artists might disagree.

The Watcher [Netflix]
Ryan Murphy’s vaguely based on real life concoctions are usually a lot of fun, but also just, well, a lot. I made it through just one of the American Horror Story series, fwiw. However, this thriller takes place in my backyard of suburban New Jersey and features an incredible cast including Bobby Canavale, Naomi Watts, Character Actor Margo Martindale, Jennifer Coolidge, and Mia Farrow.

Dark Glasses [Shudder]
“Diana, a prostitute who was blinded by a serial killer in a botched attack, takes in a young Chinese boy named Chin, abruptly altering both of their lives forever.” That’s the discription of the new film by horror legend Dario Argento. It certainly has been a long time since we’ve heard from him. Since it’s spooky season it seems like the perfect time for a return.


  • The Swedes have quietly ruled the musical landscape for the last couple decades, with a handful of writer-producers penning half the songs on the Billboard Hot 100. And so it goes with the current most popular music delivery program, Spotify, founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. The Swedish mini-series The Playlist builds its own creation myth about the popular jukebox app. It’s on Netflix.
  • Also on Netflix, the Brazilian rom-com Someone Borrowed wears its premise on its sleeve as a confirmed bachelor hires an actress to play his fiancee in order to not be removed from his mom’s will. Will they fall in actual love? You’ve seen this!
  • If you love wrestling at its flamboyant peak and animation then you’re already probably a fan of Netflix’s Dead End: Paranormal Park. Its second season hits today.
  • British presenter Sue Perkins was wise to leave The Great British Bake-off well before this season’s racist Mexican week debacle, to join a weird hit man comedy with her pal and fellow Bake-off ex-pat Mel Giedroyc. Unfortunately, her new series does sound like it has the chance to be criticized in the same manner as the controversial baking show episode as in Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal, Perkins travels around South America on Netflix’s dime to showcase activities that may shock our sensibilities, but break zero laws in whatever country she’s visiting. Baaaaake(?)
  • MC Lyte’s on the microphone in the rap themed comedy about a rapper in danger of aging out of the biz until she teams up with her talented niece in ALLBLK’s Partners in Rhyme whose second season debuts today.
  • In Winter House, a bunch of people live in a house, a very big house in the Vermont country. Presumably at some point in the Bravo reality show’s first season, the residents stopped being friends and started being real… and then we join them today in the second season.

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