What To Watch: 10/04/2022

It’s a good day for sports and comedy, but a bad day for music as legendary Loretta Lynn–whose life was the hit movie Coal Miner’s Daughter before a majority of those alive today were even born–died today at age 90. Nevertheless, we go on and our two lead rec’s today are two people comfortable in front of a microphone (as seen in the pic below) but with polarly different politics for sure. Unfortunately, both are hella problematic, so beyond our official picks, there’s also an ESPN expose on abuse in Women’s Soccer and a PBS documentary about the history of Black America.

Hasan Minhaj: The King’s Jester [Netflix]
We have not heard much from Minhaj since the unfortunate fiery demise of his excellent (but apparently problematic-behind-the-scenes) Netflix deep dive comedic news blend, Patriot Act. Is his accused tolerance of a toxic workplace enough for you to avoid his future stand-up? Well, you can decide tonight. Or whenever you want… he new standup special will be there on streaming. \

Tales from the Territories [Vice, 10p]
Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring has been a huge hit for the network. So much so, that now they are building on the success with this deep dive into the WWE. Wrestling legends gather to talk crazy stories of their time in the ring. even if you aren’t a fan of wrestling this should be a good watch


  • The E60 series on ESPN looks into the dark side of the abuse and harrassment within the Women’s Soccer League in Truth Be Told. What’s the version of Rule 34 for sexism, abuse, and harrassment? If there’s anything for women, men will fucking ruin it.
  • Henry Louis Gates returns with a PBS docu-series/talk show looking at the glory, plight, and history of African Americans. Making Black America: Through the Grapevine focuses on the social and cultural past and present and the influence that has perservered through the scourge of racism.
  • Black Entertainment Television has been a mixed bag in that history, but its power has been felt since the 1980s. Speaking of that decade, Rap City debuted in 1989 and swiftly became a showcase for hip-hop videos you would rarely see elsewhere. Rap City ’22 is the second BET special reviving the show–sadly no sign if the “town”‘s mayor and original host Chris Thomas will be there. Presumably 1999-2005 host Big Tigger will return, but there’s not a whole lot on the web about it. All we could confirm (from Twitter) is that Lil Kim will drop by, so that’s something. As with last year’s special, it’s all prelude to the big night that is the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2022.
  • Is BritBox the new Acorn (or Acorn the new Britbox)? We’re really not sure but the latest gritty UKdetective series to emerge on BritBox is Sherwood about a series of murders (and one in particular) in a mining town.
  • When we saw AXS and the title The Very Very Best of the 80s, we immediately thought it was a music-themed show. While music will be involved, it’s really more the latest I Heart the ’80s style show. Kelly Osbourne hosts, which we’re told makes sense even though she was five at the end of the decade and is more remembered as an ’00s reality star, while her dad, although he had hits and moments in the decade, is more an icon of the 1960s & ’70s. But, what-EVER! It should still be gnarly.
  • Finally, the closest thing to an offering from the L-HV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) where we tend to inevitably end up, is the return of the religious-themed OWN series Cherish the Day, returning for a second season today. And with that we’ll leave you with pure evidence that the late Loretta Lynn was still rocking later in life from an album she released at age 72.

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