What To Watch: 09/20/2022

It’s one of those easy days for us scholars to decide what show we’re most excited for. Modern Family creator Steven Levitan has a cool meta idea (cast of popular fictional show reunites to revive said show) with inspired casting (Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville). There’s also a new standup special from a comic voice who is finally aging into his eternal curmudgeonliness. Oh, and the FBI trilogy, if that’s your thang.

Reboot [Hulu]
Co-created by Modern Family‘s Steven Levitan, this sitcom follows a network’s attempt to revive an old sitcom, in spite of changing times and bitter feuds. Happily, it stars Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville, Paul Reiser, Rachel Bloom, Calum Worthy, and Krista Marie Yu.

Patton Oswalt: We All Scream [Netflix]
Patton Oswalt is a great comedian, but he’s just as much a great storyteller. And that, more than anything, makes me excited for his new special. He’s been through a lot–losing his wife and getting remarried–and his unique perspective always makes his specials worth a watch.


  • Perhaps not a certain ex-President’s favorite TV franchise right now, the FBI trio of shows returns to CBS for new seasons. The baby of the bunch is FBI:International which is just going into its sophomore season. FBI: Most Wanted catches its fourth season debut tonight. Meanwhile, the original G show FBI enters just its fifth season. Assuredly, there will be more crossover than an EPMD encore or an And1 mixtape (and check out the Netflix doc about that mostly defunct company when you get a chance).
  • Had you told me back in the days of The Cosby Show that the actor who plays Theo Huxtable would be, in his 50s, playing a doctor on television, I would… say that makes a whole lot of sense. Fox’s medical drama The Resident quietly hits its sixth season tonight.
  • There’s no new Lifetime or Hallmark movie tonight, so we’ll close this on one of the networks’ shows that is most in that vein. The Susan Sarandon-Trace Adkins country music family melodrama Monarch marks its second episode tonight on Fox.

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