What To Watch: 09/15/2022

We’ve always been on Donald Glover’s timeline for his brilliant and ethereal comedic ode to his hometown of ATL. But still, it’s sweet sorrow that we’re nearing the end of the line. We Scholars are thankful for a new season of the tales of Earn, Paper Boi, and Darius… and has there ever been a character quite like Lakeith Stanfield’s eccentric af Darius. Answer: No! We also rec an intriguing Turkish import, a provocatively named anime, and a special of their own for one of the weirdest, funniest comic minds.

Atlanta [FX, 10p]
A lot has changed since Atlanta first graced our screens in 2016…presidents, politics, world-wide pandemics. But luckily, we can count on some things to stay the same- like Darius. We have one more season to soak up all the Darius philosophies we can to get us through the next apocalyptic event that comes our way. Tune-in as the gang returns home from tour back to where it all started for their fourth and final season to finally get it together (maybe).  

Kate Berlant: Cinnamon in the Wind [Hulu]
In one of those promotional game-based featurettes Buzzfeed loves to spit out (ok, they’re often fun), the cast of A League of Their Own unanimosly picked Berlant as the cast member most likely to crack them up. If you saw her eccentric entry in the weird world that was Netflix’s The Characters or her more recent Peacock special with longtime collaborator John Early, that won’t be surprising. Her new Hulu special will surely have moments that are beyond confusing, but if past is prologue, the elaborate standup worldbuilding will ultimately pay off.

Terim [Netflix]
This Turkish doc, streaming today in Netflix, accounts for the rise and many successes of “legendary” soccer manager Faith Terim.

Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy [Netflix]
This returns for season1 pt 2 and remains a powerful weapon on Netflix’s anime arsenal. In Episode 13 of the series, we saw Arshes and Dark Schneider engaging in a fierce battle. Hearts were ripped out both real and metaphorically. Now we see see the aftermath. Is there a more metal anime? I doubt it.


  • TV will seemingly never get tired of bloodsucking freaks, especially when said freaks are, well, not particularly freakish. The latest concoction is Vampire Academy, a Peacock series which was also once, unrelatedly, a movie.
  • There’s more Atlanta and comedy to be had in the form of the latest special from ATL-born standup Byron Bowers, a Hulu special that we do not feel we should type.
  • Snooki meets the MTV -Nessiverse for must-see TV(?)… maybe? In Messyness, C-list celebrities comment on videos from hot messes being hot and messy.
  • In the spirit of 2013’s Rectify (remember that one?), the Welsh drama The Light in the Hall a convicted murderer is released, but there are questions about his guilt and the circumstances that led to his accusal and subsequent incarceration. Of course the Sundance Now psych thriller features a lead who is persistant in her pursual of the truth.
  • There’s even darker spirits afoot in the latest Shudder import, Denmark’s Speak No Evil involves a city family invited to their country friends’ home and… it does not go well.
  • Considering what a lockdown the major 4 sports have on the country, it seems almost folly to try to promote another (well, one that isn’t soccer), even if it’s one that’s played in high schools and colleges practically all across the land. ESPN’s Fate of the Sport looks into the player-commissioner trying to build up professional lacrosse in the U.S.A.
  • Finally, Dating Hell sounds like a new relationship match-up show on, let’s say, TLC, but it’s actually squarely in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex). Hannah’s dating app adventures lead her to gentleman/hot dude Daniel, but of course, he may not be as perfect as he seems and the murders around him start adding up.

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