What To Watch: 09/14/2022

The show we are hoping remains mere dystopian future–even as it seems a Supreme Court plan of action–returns for its penultimate season of Gilead insanity. There’s also a pair of intriguing new NFL entries and the latest dark murderfest from Norway hits Netflix. It’s what to watch (or at least our Scholarly suggestions).

The Handmaid’s Tale [Hulu]
A new season of this series in a post-Dobbs world is scary. And this season June will be too. I don’t want to spoil anything from season 4, but it ended on a pretty violent note and as we start this season, she is dealing with the consequences. Will June find the light or go darker is the question–not only for this show, but a broader statement on America. Will America get angry enough? Are we angry enough now.

The Lorenskog Disappearance [Netflix]
This Norwegian thriller (my weakness!) is a ripped-from-the-headlines true crime drama about the disappearance of a billionaire’s wife. In addition to solving the case, the police must manage the frenzied media.

The NFL Pile On [Amazon Prime, 7p]
Sports comedy shows can be hit-or-miss. The Sklar Brothers tried it about a decade ago and as funny as they can be, it could get quite silly at times and fall flat. We’ll see how ex-SNLer Taram Killam does on this new series. One unique twist: it’s one of those rare Amazon Prime shows that air live, so be there at 7pm if you want to mock football.


  • Remember in the early days of COVID-19 (ah! the memories) when that cruise ship was just stranded off the coast and Trump, et al, could not decide what to do with the people on it. Well, the makers of the Peacock documentary Hell of a Cruise try to get to the bottom of that disaster-within-a-disaster.

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