What To Watch: 09/12/2022

It’s a classic 19th Century H.G. Wells novel, a successful 1953 sc-fi flick, a less-than-beloved 2005 blockbuster, and now we head into the third year of a quietly critically liked Epix series, and that’s the biggest story of this Monday that’s not a big TV awards show.

War of the Worlds [Epix, 9p]
There is something about the basic War of the Worlds story that always seems timely. It’s adaptable to any time and can be used metaphorically for any number of things. The latest rendition starts its 3rd season on Epix today. Survivors must form a tenuous partnership as the alien threat gets even worse. This may not be what H.G. Wells envisioned when he wrote the novel, but he definitely tapped into our subconscious.

74th Annual Emmy Awards [NBC, 8p]
Awards shows are always a mix, but this is the biggest night of the year, so we are obviously there. All we’re hoping is that Quinta Brunson wins, Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t do anything stupid, the stars of Only Murders in the Building are funny, and Better Call Saul does not get shut out for its run. And no I’m not writing this a day late and jamming it in retroactively. I would never do that!


  • Like sands of the hourglass, so goes the Days of Our Lives and so have gone those cheaply made serial shows ruling the daytime airwaves as one of the last survivors moves from NBC afternoons to the streaming platform of Peacock for its… do they even count seasons in the soap opera world. It’s been on since before any of our Scholars were born and some of us are in our 40s.
  • The less paired version of the 90 Days franchise, 90 Days: The Single Life, hits its third season stride as former “contestants”(?), “participants”(?), “actors”(?) show off their times in the dating market to a large TLC audience.
  • We’re all for baking shows and we’re all for holiday specials, so we’re ready for Food Network’s return of Halloween Baking Championship.
  • We’ll end the round-up in an unlikely place–the world of real estate makeovers–as the iconic, and fake show-within-a-show sounding, Love It or List It returns on HGTV for a 19th season. We originally accidentally wrote “Love It or Leave It” and that reminds us of this recent trip through a crazy 1980s MTV story. Check it out…

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