What To Watch: 09/04/2022

It’s time for a new season of that polarizing show that either makes people get on line in McDonald’s and demand szechuan sauce or make fun of those who do. Speaking of polarizing characters, we’ve got a new documentary about tennis’ bad boy (or whiner, again, perspective is key). South Korea also has been very quietly become a hotbed of above average entertainment that’s lighting the world up like it’s dynamite.

Rick & Morty [Adult Swim, 11p]
The vulgar time travelers are back for a sixth season of zaniness. It’s not for everyone, but if you love this show–and you know who you are–well, you probably already know it’s happening.

McEnroe [Showtime, 8p]
You cannot be serious, right now!: That it’s taken this long for a documentary about the angriest man in tennis history–and also one of the most at-the-ready to poke fun at his mercurial persona–is insanity! What are all you documentarians, blind?! Well, that makes… perfect sense and is likely long overdue. Honestly, even though my parents were big-time Jimmy Connors’ fans, I’ve always enjoyed his antics, even at their most profoundly ridiculous.

Once Upon a Small Town [Netflix]
A veterinarian moves to the country and (presumably, it’s a romance) falls in love with the locals and a police woman in this Korean drama. Like Hart of Dixie, but with more animals, we hope.


  • Here be dragons and lots of them… what else would you expect from a Game of Thrones prequel titled House of the Dragon. George R.R. Martin stories may take forever to come out, but they are more than often fan pleasers, and this one boasts the Brad Filicky seal of approval.
  • Investigation Discovery is full of spirited, well, investigation with three shows returning for new seasons: On the Case with Paula Zahn has the long-time newscaster Zahn for a sense of extra gravitas, while Still a Mystery and Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death speak for themselves.
  • So, it’s come to this: there is a Naked & Afraid: Brazil and we’re multiple seasons in on Discovery+. I have a hard time imagining Brazilians being afraid of being naked, but maybe I should not judge a whole country based on its most famous party.
  • Our latest trip to the moon has less fanfare than that one in 1969… at least we presume as no one on staff was alive then, not even Jason. Given who was President for four years recently, we maybe should be thankful no one showed Trump the Mr. Show sketchI and we’re not blowing the moon up. Smithsonian documents the first trip to our oribiting orb since 1972 with Project Artemis: Back to the Moon.
  • And on the way, we hope the astronauts do not get sucked into the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex… or maybe that would be a good thing. They worked hard and deserve to have time to watch some guilty melodramatic pleasures. Are there even astronauts on this mission (we should probably watch the Smithsonian special). In any case, Love’s Portrait is fairly straightforwardly titled. It’s on Hallmark Movie Network tonight, so enjoy the merriment!

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