What To Watch: 09/01/2022

It’s the first of December; the day we’ll always remember thanks to that Temptations song… except that’s September 3rd. So we’ll stick to suggesting TV for the first day of this ninth month, which includes William Hurt’s final performance (or at least his voice).

Pantheon [AMC+]
This hour-long animated series is adapted from Ken Liu’s short stories and receives good buzz. Season one will follow a bullied teen who receives advice from a stranger online–her deceased father, whose consciousness was uploaded to “the cloud” before his death.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law [Disney+]
She-Hulk has the biggest case of her career on her hands–making sure Emil Blonski, The Abomination, get paroled. She’s going to need the help of an MCU favorite. And if that cameo isn’t enough, a certain rap star makes an unforgettable appearance.

The Mighty Ones [Hulu/Peacock]
Twig, Rocksy, Verry Berry, and Leaf return for a third season, but their house is very, very different… at least for the first three episodes. If you love Adventure Time, you’ll probably love this.


  • If Stephen Colbert is smiling extra wide tonight, it may be because the latest chapter in the immortal J.R.R. Tolkien dropped a day early. Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is on Amazon Prime because Disney+ can’t have the monopoly on all our favorite nerdy shit.
  • The intrigue continues to build between Agatha and Meaghan as we join the second series of The Secrets She Keeps, streaming on Sundance Now.
  • On Sundance’s home on the now-metaphorical dial, It Couldn’t Happen Here is not about an extremist candidate who rises to the pinnacle of American politics (as if that were possible) but about an Australian woman who tries to make real people’s dreams come true. Its second season starts tonight.
  • We were honestly surprised to find out that the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise was big enough in nerd culture to be a subject on the Dropout (nee College Humor) game show Um, Actually, but anime and manga is admittedly a bit of a blind spot for us (save maybe for Brad). The second season of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean iteration hits Netflix today.
  • The Hulu British import Bloods can be uneven, but it boasts the one-two comic punch of Samson Kayo and Jane Horrocks as semi-competent EMTs. Maybe it finds its true voice in season two, which starts tonight.
  • There’s no activity in the Lifetime-Hallmark vortex, not even on Up or WE… although the unlikely source of Netflix gives us a rom-com that’s vortex-adjacent. Love in the Villa features a heartbroken woman trying to find solace in a Verona (Italy, not New Jersey) vacation… but wait, the room’s double booked? And there’s a handsome man? We bet they don’t fall in love, dot dot dot…

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