What To Watch: 08/26/2022

Three A-list movie actors star in two new streaming films; neither film is getting terrific reviews, but both look like they could be a lot of fun anyway if you turn off a certain part of your mind. All that said, they are our best bets for new programming to watch tonight.

Me Time [Netflix]
i will say right now that if you are expecting a film that blazes new trails, this Kevin Hart-Mark Wahlberg team up isn’t for you. A buddy comedy is never going to win Oscars, but if you like what those actors do then this is a good weekend distraction. you might even laugh once or twice.

Samaritan [Amazon Prime]
A young boy in trouble with a gang discovers his neighbor is played by Sylvester Stallone–and that’s the first hint that the old man living next door to him might be a superhero thought dead for 25 years. Its trailer suggests it has a gritty 1970s vibe and while the critics are not overly enamored with this film, it could be an enjoyable watch for your Streaming Friday needs.


  • So, it turns out Lil Baby is not the same as Da Baby, and that’s the first thing we learned from the Amazon Prime documentary Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby. The tale of the life of the Atlanta rapper does look intriguing in any case.
  • With its high concept premise of a primitive society in the distant future where everyone is blind, it’s surprising that the aptly named See is not more successful (more seen? we’ll show ourselves out). Regardless, the Amazon Prime series enters its third season today.
  • We’ve got a 4-for-1 on Netflix foreign imports: Delhi Crime is a returning Indian series about a 2012 crime; in the Danish sensual thriller Loving Adults, a longtime marriage is endangered by a third person entering the picture; A furniture magnate must save a kidnappee in the South African series Ludik; finally, the wonderfully named Seoul Vibe a bunch of teens are enlisted for a heist.

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