What To Watch: 08/25/2022

A science guy takes on the most existential of questions–how the world will end. Aubrey Plaza voices the mom of a demon. The most famous ornery, face-tattooed boxer of the last half century gets the biopic treatment. It’s just an average Thursday in Joe Biden’s America.

The End is Nye [Peacock]
Who better to guide you through the possible apocalypses than Bill Nye? He’s irreverent enough to make the dread easier to take and smart enough to teach you something. In his new series, he will tell you what to fear and what not to on the possible endings we may face as a species.

Little Demon [FXX]
A young girl voiced by Lucy DeVito finds out she’s the demon spawn of satan in this animated comedy. And Satan is played by her dad, the legendary Danny DeVito. Mom, by the way, is Screen Scholar favorite Aubrey Plaza. 


  • He was the heavyweight champion of the world, he bit Evander Holyfield’s ears… twice, he tends prisons and once portrayed himself as a Scooby-Doo-esque master detective in an animated series. Mike Tyson’s career arc has been unusual, and this new Hulu series, Mike, with Trevante Rhodes in the lead role tells some of his story. The real Mike Tyson is not endorsing this series… not by a long shot and planst to sue.
  • Four friends and London flatmates try to keep their friendships strong as they enter into their 20s and relationships strain in the Peacock miniseries Everything I Know About Love.
  • The provocatively named HBO Max series House of Ho is not what you first might think, but is actually about the Ho family, movers and shakers in the Washington D.C. scene. Its second season starts today.
  • The grunt workers of the Starship Enterprise return for a third season of Star Trek: Lower Decks. The Paramount+ series, while uneven, can be uproariously funny at its best.
  • It’s a classic rom com conundrum: in the Netflix original That’s Amor, Sofia loses both her job and her relationship on the same day, which appears to also be her 30th birthday. When she meets a Spanish chef, will she do enough self-care so she can love herself in order to love another–that last part was a guess.
  • Big houses with small pricetags is (presumably) the premise of Bargain Mansions, now on Magnolia after stints on HGTV and DIY–so all in the Discovery family. KC interior decorator Tamara Day hosts.

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