What To Watch: 08/24/2022

It’s an exciting day on the tube, whether on an assigned channel or streaming. A supporting character of a critically-acclaimed named-after-it-star Netflix comedy gets his own critically-acclaimed named-after-its star comedy. An American TV star and creator and a Canadian A-List movie star buy an English football team. And the MTV stars (and others) continue to challenge one another. It’s all on today’s TV.

Mo [Netflix]
Ramy Youssef tries to recreate the magic of his own hit show Ramy for his costar Mo Amar and from the buzz and the promise of the trailer, it looks as if it works. Mo plays a version of himself as a 40-something hustler selling merch on the street to get by.

Welcome to Wrexham [FX, 10p]
What happens when Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney buy one of the oldest professional soccer (football) clubs? Is it like a real life Ted Lasso? A disaster? Like true life the documentary series is surely somewhere in the middle. Almost a train wreck but instilled with humanity.

The Challenge: USA [CBS, 8p]
Last week we saw a lot of animosity in the house as Tyson and Sarah were partnered up and Sarah was hellbent on revenge. Despite trying to self sabotage, she didn’t manage to get herself thrown into the elimination round, blocking her chance to win money to qualify for the final. Sarah is officially the only woman left without enough money to qualify. In a surprise turn of events, Alyssa and Leo manage to squeeze out a win, sending Kyland and Kyra packing. The herd is definitely thinning as we head into this week and it is going to get harder to hide alliances. Neutrality only helps for so long here.


  • It’s the 13th season of the delightfully vulgar animated spy series starring H. Jon Benjamin in the title role, Archer. Sadly, this will be the first one without the incomparable Jessica Walter who died last year as his mom. It’s on FXX.
  • HBO looks into the 2005 Hurricane Katrina tragedy from a different perspective as its latest documentary Katrina Babies looks into the long-term aftermath of the uprooting of thousands of children. It asks the brutal question of whether they would have been forgotten if most of them were not people of color.
  • No relation to Shudder horror movie with a similar title or the Weird Al Yankovic album that tweaked Coolio, Bad Hair Day examines people who have hair where they don’t want it or lack hair where they do want it. Just watching the trailer reveals there are way more scenarios than one might think. It’s on TLC, so you know it will be quality.
  • John McAfee, founder of the software protection company that bears his name, took Branson’s rich guy eccentricities and took it into the land of espionage and politics and all-around creepy weirdness. The Netflix documentary Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee looks into the life of this strange, strange man and presumably also the theory that he did not actually die last year.
  • As LBGTQA+-tinged international TV franchises go, Queer Eye is nowhere near as prolific and diasporic as RuPaul’s Drag Race, but it has branched out beyond the U.S. Queer Eye: Brazil hits Netflix today.

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