What To Watch: 08/23/2022

While the best strictly new content is a prank show featuring not the Chad Kroeger in Nickelback, we do have new episodes of two Scholar faves–one a second season finale. And if you were wondering, said show (the one featured in the pic above) is coming back for a third season of Arconia intrigue.

Only Murders in the Building [Hulu]
Last week the pieces started to come together as Mabel confronted Detective Kreps and Charles uncovered Rose Cooper’s whereabouts. Oliver did not help with the murder investigation this week as he is busy lying about his DNA test results, but I think that’s okay. After uncovering Krep’s relationship with Cinda Canning, Mabel rushes to confront Poppy. Poppy warns Mabel to stay out of it because she has no idea what Cinda is capable of. When pushed, Poppy reveals that she is Becky Butler, the subject of the podcast that made Cinda Canning famous. This big reveal of course leaves us with even more questions. How did Cinda solve a crime that never happened? How is all of this related to Bunny’s murder? Who else is involved? Even if Cinda has Kreps working for her, it seems unlikely he would be willing to physically murder someone. And what does any of this have to do with Lucy? Tonight is the season finale. I am expecting some questions to be answered and, naturally, some new questions to arise. 

What We Do in the Shadows [FX, 10p]
It’s my turn to hawk the antics of Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, Baby Colin Robinson, and Guillermo, a week after an amazing episode featuring the Jersey Devil and Guillermo coming out to his family before saving the clan of vampire killers from Nadja’s wrath (or vice versa). And this week’s episode is titled “Go Flip Yourself”… so… yeah!

Chad & JT Go Deep [Netflix]
Described and Dumb and Dumber meets activism, this new prank show is a smart approach to get younger audiences interested in social issues. It’s hard to say how much impact this show will have as there are so many shows (not to mention YouTube, TikTok, etc.) for it to compete with, but in a less info-cluttered age, this could be groundbreaking documentary TV.


  • The 1997 TV movie version of Cinderella gets a second ball to celebrate it’s having aired a quarter century ago. Cinderella: The Reunion airs on ABC tonight with appearances from Whoopi Goldberg, Brandy, Bernadette Peters, and others–and sadly much of the talk will surely stray to the tragic early death of its superstar singer Fairy Godmother Whitney Houston.
  • Finally, in this short round-up, Netflix drops a supernatural special expandnanding the universe of The Witcher diving deeper into the creatures created for last year’s film The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. The compendium Nightmare of the Wolf: Bestiary looks into the mythologies of the, well, beasts.

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