What To Watch: 08/22/2022

While it’s a relatively quiet Monday for new and returning shows, we do have the awaited return of a Screen Scholars favorite. In the comments below, guess what Annie Murphy’s next quirky show with a skewed vulgarity in the title will be.

Kevin Can F**k Himself [AMC, 9p]
This crazy “sitcom” (big queeeestion mark) is easily one of the most original drama/comedies out there. Jumping from multicamera sitcom to single camera show, there’s nothing quite like it on TV. The second (and final) season starts today. Will Allison kill Kevin? What knows.. but it’s going to be a wild ride seeing if she does .

Anne [Acorn]
This somber, but well-received (to an 100% on RT tune) miniseries tells the story of Anne Williams who fought for the victims of the tragic fire during a 1989 football (soccer) game at Hillsborough. The story is a powerful one, and everything about the disaster could have been avoided, and simply from the trailer it looks as if this show tells the story well.

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
It’s time for hometowns! I feel like this season has gone by so fast. Last week Gabby sent home Nate after deciding she wasn’t ready to be a mom. Shortly after, Logan had to leave the group because he tested positive for COVID. Thankfully no one else has tested positive, but this leaves Gabby with very few men in her corner. Is one of them her husband? Meanwhile, Rachel continues to strengthen her relationships and is looking forward to next steps. The previews for this episode have some aggressive parents so I think things are going to get a little messy. 


  • Eccentric health and weight enthusiast Richard Simmons was everywhere in the 1980s & ’90s and then suddenly he was nowhere. And people were talking. The Fox special TMZ Presents: What Really Happened to Richard Simmons? and since it’s from TMZ, you KNOW it will be reliable (we hope you read that in Bart Simpson’s voice).
  • In the new Food Network show Bobby & Sophie on the Coast, the Bobby is celebrity chef Bobby Flay, the Sophie is his daughter, and the coast is the West Coast. Presumably delicious food will also be in play.

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