What To Watch: 08/21/2022

Here Be Dragons! It’s finally happening and George R.R.’s first spinoff is on the scene and nothing really wants to open on the same day, but there are continuing shows and a whole lot from the Lifetime/Hallmark Vortex.

House of the Dragons [HBO, 9p]
People may have not liked how Game of Thrones ended, but the show was a cultural tour de force so it’s a no brainer that there would be a spin off… eventually. Better late than never,  but enter this prequel which will tell of the rise of the House of Targaryen. We’ve all been waiting for this so come on HBO and deliver the goods!

Tales of the Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
I’m a bit walkered out, if I’m being honest–which is a shame, because this anthology series looks good and tonight’s tale features the delightful pairing of Parker Posey and Jillian Bell.


  • We’re one episode away from the end of the tales of the Cody Crime Family. And, while TNT’s Animal Kingdom‘s finale may have had some shine taken away by a certain lawyer-based crime show, this one definitely has its fanbase and you know who you are! (at least one of those fans resides here).
  • Travel Channel brings us the new Ghosts of the Devil’s Perch, in which paranormal expert Dave Schrader takes a team to the American midwest to find supernatural sprits in a mining town.
  • We’ll end up as we are wont to do in the LHV, where Hallmark offers, over on HMM, the mystery Groundswell. UP TV has the LHV-esque The Engagement Plot. Finally, on the OG, Lifetime debuts the provocatively named Big Lies in a Small Town, not to be confused with… well, you know…

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