What To Watch: 08/20/2022

It’s a Saturday, so pickings, they do tend to be slim, but we’ve got a new sci-fi series from a popular franchise amid the Lifetime and Hallmark movies (well, one each).

FullMetal Alchemist: The Revenge of Scar [Netflix]
Here it is: the sequel fans have been waiting for. Continuing the story of the Elric Brothers as they face up against a fearsome serial killer with–you guessed it–a large scar across his face. Netflix is trying its hardest to be the premier destination for anime. This movie will def help with that!


  • For new stuff, we’ve just got Lifetime and Hallmark movies left, so let’s start with the warm glowing glow of the greeting-cards-turned-content-goliath who brings us Dating the Delaneys. Rachel Boston makes an obscure reference to the 1999 animated series Mission Hill which somehow gives away the ages of all the family members. Or, mabe, Boston plays a 40-ish woman who longs to return to the dating scene after time away. She enlists her platonic friend played by Paul Campbell for what’s just supposed to be a practice date. They do that, stick to the plan, and sparks never fly. Oh, wait, it’s a Hallmark movie, so no spoilers, but…
  • Lifetime is apparently going to their love-triangle-thriller well with Temptation Under the Sun. Annika Foster is a detective who falls for a local played by Mark Markoff. Obviously, the latter’s ex will show up as a corpse and she’ll have to clear her new beau’s name. That ends this very short Saturday round-up with a closing song that dates this round-up’s writer (and it’s not even a song he likes)….

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