What To Watch: 08/18/2022

That smashing green rager returns… no, not the Bruce Banner one, but the Jennifer Walters one, (although Mark Ruffalo’s MCU version will be co-starring with Tatiana Maslany in the lead) her law talking gal side taking front and center on the latest Disney+ Marvel series, so you know Brad is there for this one. There’s also the latest Netflix dissertation on felines, a quite good looking Shudder horror flick, a new season of Selena Gomez learning to cook in front of our eyes, and a Peacock prestige spy series that is getting meh reviews.

She-Hulk, Attorney at Law [Disney+]
It is here… as i like to call it, Ally McBeal with superheroes. One of the great things about the MCU is the ability for different shows and movies to be different genres. We are about to see how they handle a legal comedy. The buzz has been very positive and chemistry between Mark Ruffalo and Tatiana Maslany is off the charts.

Inside the Mind of a Cat [Netflix]
Wyatt Cenac once expressed the appeal of cats on the internet by noting how he would watch every video, even though he does not like cats. Well, I love them both in person and in cheeky videos so this deep dive (maybe?) into the science of what drives the curious creatures in their at times independent, and at other times snuggly selves excites me to no end, and I suspect many of y’all are there too.


  • While The Undeclared War has so far received meh reviews, the British thriller on Peacock does boast an impressive cast including Simon Pegg and Mark Rylance. It’s also a terrific premise about the reaction of the British government to a mysterious cyber attack.
  • Selena Gomez is having a moment between her underrated performance beside two comedy titans as the beleaguered Mabel in the genteel NYC mystery Only Murders in the Building and her cooking lessons on live TV called Selena + Chef. The third season of the latter hits HBO Max today–and get there quick b/c who knows how long ANYTHING on HBO Max will be there. The ’20s have sure been a strange, hiccup of a dysfunctional decade so far.
  • The cautionary tale of paparazzi gone awry that was the death of Princess Diana has enough intrigue without the CT speculation of the Royal Family’s sinister (somehow) involvement. However, the Discovery+ docu-series The Diana Investigations will go there… again! We’ll see if they’ve dug anything legit up. We’ve generally agreed with this Mitchell & Webb skit about the happenings.

  • The Dead Zone in a public restroom? In Glorious, a saddened man played by Ryan Kwanten is startled by the voice of J.K. Simmons in the bathroom who tells him he might be able to stop a disaster from happening. It’s a Shudder original.
  • A&E looks into how criminals survive after they are no longer locked up in Inmate to Roommate. You can guess the idea from its name, but if it eludes you, ex-cons try to go straight and interact with people who have agreed to take them in as they try to navigate the now unfamiliar world.
  • And in one of the best reality titles–featuring the second best named rapper of all time–Waka Flocka Flame tries to keep his relationship strong in WE’s What the Flocka: Waka & Tammy. Believe it or not, the true life dramedy enters its third season today.

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