What To Watch: 08/11/2022

One of the all-time comic moments of the last few years gets a return visit with more content. A skateboarder gets their due. A veteran comic great gets a second season of her show

Bo Burnham: The Inside Outtakes [Netflix]
No one nailed the perils of lockdown like Bo Burnam did on his Inside special. it was a real cultural moment. Now he’s back with a collection of outtakes from that iconic moment. It won’t have the impact the special did, but it will still be worth watching, even if it is just to remind us of what we been through.

Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story [Netflix]
This documentary follows Leo Baker, a non-binary skateboarder. Interviews include Tony Hawk and those close to Baker.

The Ms. Pat Show [BET+]
Ok, this might not really be my kind of show, but it’s a good one and it’s great to see one of the hardest working veteran comedians get hers. 


  • Perhaps the most fun (and hard to articulate) titled Food Network show to come along in a long while, It’s CompliPlated, debuts today. It’s hosted by Tabitha Brown, who we know best from Olivia Lux’s tribute on the most recent season of Rupaul’s Drag Race.
  • Mmmmm, chocolate. We’re distracted too… perhaps even enough to check out the third season of The CW’s Great Chocolate Showdown returning tonight.
  • Schaudenfraude or not, we’re ready to revel in the comeuppance of a certain soul singer who got away with one of the world’s most hated crimes for almost three decades. The weirdly titled Faking It: R Kelly hits Discovery+ today.
  • Oddly enough, the point of Bump seems to be the lack of the titular situation, as our main character has no idea she’s dealing with the fact she’s about to be a mother as she adjusts awkwardly to her new school. The Australian show is three seasons deep in its home country, but finds a logical spot for teen dramedies on The CW.
  • With extreme shows, they need to keep making the premise even more so and so it goes for Alone: Frozen which adds the danger of the icy cold to the mix. History Channel… you were getting better.

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