What To Watch: 08/08/2022

It’s a relatively quiet Monday, but as it is Monday that does mean we do have another tale (the penultimate episode) of Saul Goodman (aka Jimmy McGill, aka Gene Takevic). There’s also an intriguing unlikely detective series from Australia hitting the Acorn streamers.

Darby & Joan [Acorn TV]
This Australian crime comedy follows a retired police man, Darby, who plans to travel the Outback with his dog, alone, and a widowed, English nurse, who is reluctant to Eat, Pray, Love in the Outback. Together they go on an “epic odyssey.” Darby and Joan, by the way, is a proverbial phrase for an older married couple happy to live a “quiet life of mutual devotion.” Presumably, this Darby and Joan will not have a quiet life. 

Better Call Saul [AMC, 9p]
TV’s best prequel/sequel has two episodes left. We’ve seen Walt and Jesse enter the scene where Saul breaks bad. When we aren’t entirely sure about is the state of Kim (what was said on the phone call?!). She may not be the moral compass of this show–not by a long shot–but she is the battered soul. We’ve seen Saul sacrifice so much in his pursuits and at this point, he’s pretty irredeemable. Kim isn’t and that’s what will keep this ride on the rails until the end.


  • Directed by Jorge Coira, the Spanish Netflix thriller Code Name: Emperor features crosses, double-crosses, triple-crosses, and dare we hope, quarduple-crosses.
  • Speaking of spinoffs, how about a spinoff of a spinoff of a spinoff of a spinoff of… well, we’re not entirely sure how far down the rabbit hole it goes, but the Love & Hip-Hop series all stems from a 2004 season of The Surreal Life where two of the celebrities, Flavor Flav and Brigette Nielsen, forged an unlikely love affair. The 5th season of Love & Hip-Hop: Miami and the 11th season of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta hit VH1 tonight.
  • Finally, if you’re looking for fun, wholesome fare that shows your young children how team work can indeed make the dream work, check out the second season of Team Zenko Go on Netflix, Jr.

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