What To Watch: 08/06/2022

It’s that day that De La Soul and friends puts aside to get their rollerskating done and most of us don’t watch a ton of TV (or are binge-ing something random), but in addition to the usual Lifetime (and Lifetime-style) movies and home makeover shows, there is an intriguing Netflix flick option outta Taiwan. Also, that Lifetime movie looks especially fun!

Reclaim [Netflix]
This Taiwanese film starring Nina Paw is supposedly very slow-paced but many have found it a morosely satisfying character study. It sounds like it fits the bill of the mood of the day to me.

A Dangerous Affair [Lifetime, 8p]
A pilates instructor stakes up a steamy affair with one of her clients, who is the victim of a murderous, dangerous obsession. Sounds awful. Pass the popcorn!


  • As home and garden reality shows go, The Art of Vintage seems like it could be a lot of fun–we mean, look at that elephant, look at the way its host Katie Sero is leaning. And that’s not to overshadow the other Discovery+/Magnolia Network show debuting today, Capturing Home. It’s got a photography tilt and we’re sure that it’s perfectly fine too.
  • OWN debuts the third season of Family or Fiance with a bunch of new (we think) couples trying to stay together as they plan their wedding in spite of objections (presumably, see the title) from the relations. We’re not saying this kind of show is a microcosm of what’s wrong with America. We’re writing it.
  • And if it’s Sunday and Lifetime has a movie, there’s a good chance a new film will appear on Hallmark. Christian pop singers/one-time child stars/real life husband and wife Carlos and Alexa Penavega would seem to be telling their own love story in Love in the Limelight.

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