What To Watch: 08/03/2022

One of the best new shows of 2021 returns for its second season as the stories of a bunch of young tribe members living on a reservation teeter on the edge of success and oblivion. We also get another documentary about the messed up 1999 attempt to recreate one of the greatest spontaneous(-ish) concerts of all time–and in doing so doomed alternative radio to about 5 years of awful white male rage.

Reservation Dogs [Hulu]
Jackie and Elora are headed to California. Willie is trying to break a curse that seems to be giving the whole reservation bad luck. That road trip to the West Coast won’t go as planned and and neither will breaking that curse. And Brownie is still being hassled by that pesky spirit. Judging by the first two episodes, this revelation of a show has lost none of the edge or charm that made it one of the best shows of last year. so if you aren’t watching yet, what are you waiting on?

Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99 [Netflix]
Netflix’s Woodstock ’99 documentary is finally here (HBO’s left me wanting more), with interviews from performers (including Jewel, one of the only women onstage) and festivalgoers.

Good Morning, Veronica [Netflix]
This Brazilian crime series, about an ordinary police officer whose life is thrown into chaos after she witnesses a suicide on the same day she gets an anonymous call for help, has flown beneath the radar stateside. Its balance of dark themes and brighter tones (and excellent acting) makes it worth a watch.


  • Iman Vellani has been a breakout star of Marvel’s umpteenth series on Disney+ (and one of the better ones), Ms. Marvel. The streaming service gives the show its obligatory deep-dive behind-the-scenees special with Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Ms. Marvel.
  • In addition to Jason’s rec above, Netflix brings us two more foreign imports, with karma fitting into both. Buba is a German flick about a con man who becomes obsessed with karmic balance. Don’t Blame Karma! is a Mexican rom-com about a woman named Sara whose perfect world suddenly falls apart and she becomes obsessed with the idea of, what else, karma.
  • ABC celebrates one of the most saleable forms of music, Country, with CMA Fest. Dierks Bentley and Elle King host, fulfilling the little bit country, little bit rock & roll balance.

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