What To Watch: 08/02/2022

It’s a good day for Screen Scholars favorites as there are exciting new episodes of two shows which have been featured in our year-end top 10… and if you haven’t watched last night’s Saul, you’ve got a nice night of television in front of you. We also have an intriguing (or awful) new reality show hosted by the always game star of a certain show who might just finally get that movie to go with its prophesized six seasons…

Only Murders in the Building [Hulu]
We ended the last episode on a gasp as Mabel found herself going viral again, appearing to subway stab the hooded sweatshirt wearing individual who was seen earlier activating the trio’s poorly planned glitter bomb. What is really going on here? One of the most compelling comedies/mysteries on television (well, streaming) keeps on twisting.

What We Do in the Shadows [FX, 10p]
As if being a vampire in Staten Island isn’t bad enough, our ragtag team of bloodsuckers have to endure the private school admissions process. One has to wonder if Colin Robinson will be impervious to this energy sucking dilemma. 

Celebrity Beef [E!, 10p]
Cheryl Hines and Rachel Harris squash their beef in a “good cop vs bad cop” cook off. This show is moderated by Johel McHale, and I’ll do anything for more screen time with Rachel Harris, but it seems odd that you’d be married to a racist Kennedy and manage to have “beef” with someone (unless that’s the beef?).


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