Box Office Weekend: August 2022

It’s the dog days of summer, but there’s plenty to see at home or the cinema. We have at least two films starring Aubrey Plaza and two films starring Idris Elba–and several “adapted from” vehicles as well. If you’re me, you know what to do: buy that fancy popcorn at the corner store, pull the curtains, and start streaming.

Prey premiered yesterday on Hulu:

The thriller film stars Amber Midthunder as a Great Plains warrior who faces…Predator. The film is said to be the origin of the film’s villain, and is available to stream in both Comanche (!) and English. The reviews are good!

Available tomorrow on Netflix:

Buba is a German comedy about a con man who joins the mafia. Unfortunately, a trailer with English subtitles was unavailable at press time.

Don’t Blame Karma is a Spanish-language comedy about a woman who blames misfortune (including her sister’s engagement to her high school crush) on bad luck. This film lacked a trailer with English subtitles, too.

And Thursday:

Wedding Season is a romantic comedy about two people who pretend to date to “survive” a summer of weddings, but chafe against the expectations of the people they’re misleading! Like a saner Bridgerton. It’s already in my queue. 

New in theaters Friday, August 5:

Givers of Death is “an apocalyptic tale of redemption.”

Bullet Train a comedy-thriller, stars Brad Pitt as an unlucky assassin on a train. Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, and Hiroyuki Sanada also star. The film is an adaptation of the Japanese novel Maria Beetle.

Collide is an action film starring Ryan Phillippe, Kat Graham, Jim Gaffigan, Aisha Dee, Drea de Matteo. The paths of three couples cross “over the course of one fateful evening” inside a Los Angeles restaurant.

Easter Sunday stars Jo Koy as a down-on-his-luck comedian joining his family in his hometown for an Easter celebration. Jimmy O. Yang, Tia Carrere, Brandon Wardell, and Eva Noblezada also star.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a horror-comedy starring Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Myha’la Herrold, Chase Sui Wonders, Rachel Sennott, Lee Pace, and Pete Davidson. Everything goes sideways at a house party. I am horror adverse but look forward to seeing this.

Streaming Friday on Netflix:

Carter is a “real-time” action film about a man with no memory on a mission.

Darlings: a woman and her mother seek revenge against an abusive husband in this Indian film.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie, in association with Nickelodeon, finds the teen turtles facing a new threat after the expulsion of Shredder. (Krang! It’s Krang!!)

Available Saturday

Reclaim, a Taiwanese drama, follows a woman who loses her grip on reality as the result of sudden life changes and the weight of responsibility.

Coming Sunday:

Code Name: Emperor is an action film. An intelligence agent faces a moral quandary. 

Streaming Wednesday, August 10:

Heartsong is a foreign film about a wandering musician who falls in love with a bride at her wedding, runs afoul of her family, and has to save her life. A trailer with English subtitles was not available at press time. Wow, it’s like there are consequences for all of us when Netflix fires everyone.

New in theaters Friday, August 12:

Girl Picture, a Finnish team comedy, follows two cheeky girls as they experience a series of firsts.

Mack & Rita stars Diane Keaton and Elizabeth Lail. Lail is transformed into her 70-year-old self (Keaton) at a weekend retreat. 

Emily the Criminal stars Aubrey Plaza in the titular role. Saddled with student debt (because Biden won’t do shit) and unable to get a good job (because of the economy but also the job market sucks), Emily takes on work as a “dummy shopper,” buying goods with stolen credit cards for a charismatic middleman. Together they take the business “to the next level.”

Fall is a PG 13-rated thriller about two girls who scale an abandoned TV tower and find themselves stranded at the top. Of course one of them bullies the other into it 

Inu-oh is an animated film about “the story of the friendship between the legendary 14th century Noh performer Inu-Oh, and the blind Biwa player Tomona.”

Emergency Declaration is a South Korean disaster film. Inspired by true events, an airplane “declared high alert and demanded unconditional landing.”

Rogue Agent is a thriller about conman Robert Hendy-Freegard, who pretended to be an MI5 agent.

Summering, a teen drama, follows four teenage girls as they make the most of their last summer weekend before school starts.

Streaming that day on Netflix:

13: The Musical, an adaptation of the 2007 Broadway musical, is about a Jewish boy who moves from New York City to Indiana. Eli Golden, Rhea Perlman, Josh Peck, Peter Hermann, and Debra Messing star.

Day Shift stars Jamie Foxx as a vampire hunter in Los Angeles. Snoop Dogg also stars. I kind of love this?

Streaming Wednesday, August 17:

Look Both Ways stars Lillie Reinhart as a young woman who experiences Sliding Doors when she learns that she’s pregnant on the night of her high school graduation. You know, there’s a pill you can take, and get by mail (in all 50 states!) that would eliminate this irritating premise entirely. 

Royalteen, a Norwegian comedy, lets a teenage scumbag fall in love with a responsible prince. Oh, that’s a nice change of pace.

New in theaters Friday, August 19:

Beast stars Idris Elba as a widowed father hunt by a rogue lion.

Delia’s Gone, based on the short story, “Caged Bird Sing” by Michael Hamblin, stars Stephan James, Marisa Tomei, Paul Walter Hauser, and Travis Fimmel. A man embarks on a journey of revenge and redemption after his sister disappears.

Spin Me Round stars Alison Brie as a woman who wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Florence and “finds a different adventure than the one she imagined.” Aubrey Plaza also stars.

Get Away If You Can, a drama written, directed, and produced by Dominique Braun and Terrence Martin, is about a couple whose fragile relationship fractures when they take a trip on the open water.

Streaming that day on Paramount+:

Orphan: First Kill is the prequel to the 2009 thriller about an Estonian woman who escaped from a hospital, claimed to be a child, and terrorized a family. Esther is back (and so is Isabelle Fuhrman), and conned her way to America by pretending to be a couple’s missing child. Wow, everything about this sucks! Except for Julia Stiles, who co-stars.

Streaming that day on Netflix:

The Next 365 Days, a romance?, is about a couple struggling to work through their issues. This is actually the first four minutes of the film, Netflix has released this, but not a trailer.

Available the next day:

Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar …please don’t make me explain this one. 

Streaming Wednesday, August 24:

Watch Out, We’re Mad is an Italian remake of the 1974 automobile thriller.

And Thursday, August 25:

That’s Amor, a romantic comedy about a woman who meets, and falls in love, with a Spanish chef, after her personal and professional lives implode. And it’s nothing like The Bear.

New in theaters Friday, August 26, 2022

The Youth Governor is a documentary about California’s “race” for Youth Governor. It’s a very Leslie Knope situation.

The Invitation stars Nathalie Emmanuel as a woman invited to a posh wedding in the UK by family members she’s only recently connected with…only to find out that they have sinister intentions. 

Alienoid is a South Korean science fantasy action film directed by Choi Dong-hoon, starring Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Woo-bin, and Kim Tae-ri. When a portal is opened, aliens try to steal an ancient sword.

Breaking stars John Boyega as a veteran who takes a bank hostage when he’s denied coverage. Feels very John Q.  John Boyega, Nicole Beharie, Selenis Leyva, Connie Britton, Jeffrey Donovan, and Michael Kenneth Williams also star; the film is based on the article 2018 article, “They Didn’t Have to Kill Him,” by Aaron Gell published in Task & Purpose.

Samaritan, a “dark, new take on superhero movies,” stars Sylvester Stallone as a superhero presumed dead, but is actually retired. The film is also on Amazon Prime. Martin Starr, Dascha Polanco, Javon Walton, and Moisés Arias also star. This is an adaptation of the graphic novel by Bragi F. Schut, Marc Olivent, and Renzo Podesta.

The Good Boss stars Javier Bardem as a manipulative factory owner.

That day on Netflix:

Loving Adults asks the question, “What happens to a marriage when the love of your life becomes your worst enemy?” 

Me Time stars Kevin Hart as a stay-at-home dad who gets into some trouble with Mark Wahlberg when his wife and kids are away. I think we’re supposed to believe that Hart’s character is emasculated because his wife, Regina Hall!, is successful.

Seoul Vibe, a Korean film, is set in the days before the 1988 Seoul Olympics and follows a “ragtag team of drivers and mechanics” who go undercover to “dismantle” a money-laundering operation. Looks fun!

Available on the platform Monday, August 29

Under Her Control is a Lifetime-y thriller about a woman who acts as a sub for her domineering boss (ew) and realizes too late what a bad idea it was. A trailer was not available at press time.

New in theaters Wednesday, August 31:

Three Thousand Years of Longing, written and directed by George Miller, adapted from the 1994 short story “The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye” by A. S. Byatt, and starring Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton, is a comedy about a scholar who encounters a djinn. 

Streaming that day on Netflix:

I Came By, a thriller starring Hugh Bonneville as a privileged man who engages in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a graffiti artist. 

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