What To Watch: 07/31/2022

Kevin Bacon continues to collect one degrees as his oft-forgotten crime drama returns for a third season alongside one of the edgiest magazine’s enduring news program.

City on a Hill [Showtime, 10p]
It’s my favorite hatewatch. Kevin Bacon is thoroughly unlikeable as a spiraling corrupt detective who every once in a while decides to try to go clean. Its third season premiere is titled “Gods & Monsters”… just a perfect title for the show. 

Vice [Showtime, 8p]
This is a show you can’t keep down; after six seasons it has moved from HBO to Showtime, but the all-time hipster newsmagazine is as relevant as always–to say these times are uncertain is an understatement so we need journalism not afraid to push the envelope.


  • In Alex vs. America, a culinary beat-the-genius format, three chefs a week take on Chopped judge Alex Guarnaschelli to prove they are the best in the biz.

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