What To Watch: 07/29/2022

It’s another Streaming Friday and oh is it a doozy of a one featuring a new sci-fi show starring ’80s young ones (hopefully this one will also revive mid-charting hits from the past), a romantic story featuring Neil Patrick Harris, a new thriller with Gugu Mbatha-Raw, in addition to so many other new shows and movies. And it’s still Shark Week.

Paper Girls [Amazon Prime]
Based on a popular comic book series with the same name, Paper Girls follows a group of friends as they accidentally stumble into a time war and are transported from the year 1988 to the year 2019. The comic series is fantastic and Amazon is working with the creator so I have high hopes for this one! 

Surface [Apple TV]
I’ve never been one of those Apple guys. I’ve never bought an iPhone, an iWatch or an iAnything, but I have to say after a host of excellent shows like The Afterparty and Severance and Loot and… well, you get the idea, I’m a proud Apple TV guy. This thriller mini-series is created by and stars Veronica West as a woman who is rediscovering her memories after an incident… and she’s not entirely sure said memories are hers.

Not Okay [Hulu]
Zoey Deutch stars as an unlikealy, aspiring influencer who is super canceled after she fakes a trip to Europe. Expect some thrills and a lot of schadenfreude. 

Milestone Generations [HBO Max]
Milestone was–well, a milestone back in the ’90s. It was a DC imprint focusing on African American characters and creators; fans were disappointed when the line was discontinued. Last year saw a relaunch and the books didn’t disappoint. A new documentary chronicles the relaunch. As a bonus, it’s narrated by noted comic fan, Method Man!


  • One time youngest doctor portrayor Neil Patrick Harris plays a middle aged man who is dumped by his husband of 17 years and is thrust back into the dating world in the promising Netflix comedy Uncoupled.
  • If you’re feeling the need for inspirational fare, Netflx brings you the romantic drama Purple Hearts about a singer-songwriter who marries a marine for the military benefits.
  • If you want a darker tale featuring a film-within-a-film, Film Movement+ offers the Japanese import A Balance in which a documentarian, in the making of a film about a scandal, discovers her own father’s scandal.

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