What To Watch: 07/28/2022

A classic melodrama returns, a mini-series answers the classic riddle about a plane crash on the American-Canadian border, another mini-series stars an actor who made trolley problems and peeps chili appealing, while that beloved sexy villain with the baseball bat returns for a third season.

Keep Breathing [Netflix]
A woman must survive on her own in the Canadian wilderness when she becomes the only survivor of a plane crash in this new thriller from Netflix. It’s like Yellowjackets but without the rest of the team.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin [HBO Max]
To be honest I still don’t understand exactly how this is connected to the original Pretty Little Liars. Same universe, but a different town. A new group of teen girls are being persecuted by a mystery assailant. This time the girls are being tormented for not just their own sins, but for what their parents were up to twenty years ago. This series promises to lean heavier into horror which I think is a fun angle. 

The Resort [Peacock]
This new ensemble mystery boasts an amazing cast–mostly known for iconic roles on sitcoms–led by The Good Place‘s Chidi William Jackson Harper, Parks & Recreation‘s Ron Swanson Nick Offerman, and High Maintenance‘s Guy Ben Sinclair.

Harley Quinn [Disney+]
Harley is back! And it’s been to long. The DC Comics (def not for kids) animated show returns with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy on the run and in love. Nightwing returns to Gotham, Gordon considers a run for mayor, Clayface takes a job as James Gunn’s director’s chair, and that is just in the first two episodes. i missed these crazy kids.


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