What To Watch: 07/27/2022

It’s a great day if you wanted to binge some high-quality documentaries–and of so many different varieties, including one which takes place outside of reality for much of its runtime. Here’s what we got on a day that’s mostly about reality–if sometimes a slightly bent form.

We Met in Virtual Reality [HBO, 9p]
So we all know that COVID changed how we communicate. On all levels. This new documentary examines some of these changes. Shot entirely in VRChat, discusses how the format works and how it has changed there lives. This is not just a commercial though. It’s pure humanity.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet [Netflix]
This three-part limited series follows a woman as she strikes out to take down Hunter Moore, revenge porn (ew!) kingpin.

The Challenge [CBS, 9p]
Last week our challengers were assigned their new partners and the main challenge was sort of a mashup of hangman and wheel of fortune. So far these challenges have been very word puzzle heavy! James and Tasha ended up in the bottom and unfortunately James’ politicking skills could not save him. Cashay and Dom were thrown into the elimination round against them and squeezed out the win. But just barely! Dom almost got them disqualified. Tonight is Trivia! TJ’s favorite! With a less physical main challenge it will be interesting to see who pulls ahead. 


  • That franchise that walks the line between satire and dire sincerity (and then topples somehow into both) adds another season, its third, to its series form with High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The Disney+ show brings back favorites like Corbin Bleu and Olivia Rodrigo. We’re honestly not sure how she has somehow been on a TV show for two seasons at this point–time flies when you’re falling apart–but we’re all for anything the “Drivers License” singer does.

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