What To Watch: 07/24/2022

It’s a bit of a slow Sunday for big premieres, blockbuster movies, new streaming, and all that; however, the cable series–both basic and premium–keep on plugging away, featuring new episodes of many big-ticket shows. However, we like a few of the docu-series that are more under the radar.

Supreme Team [Showtime, 10p]
It’s the final episode of Nas’ tribute to a gang from his home borough of Queens who were prominent when he was a teen in the 1980s, so if you haven’t watched, not a bad time to binge the three episodes. Leaders Prince and Supreme come to a crossroads, as gangsters tend to do in these series. 

United Shades of America [CNN, 10p]
Athletes will do anything to win. on the latest episode of united shades of America, W Kamau Bell asks “is it worth it”. as with most episodes of the show, the answer’s aren’t so cut and dried. One thing about Kamau – he always digs deep on the issues by talking to those who are directly effected.


  • Has HBO’s Westworld got any less confusing lately? Asking for a friend. Looks like there’s still lots of contraptions, determined walking, badassery, and gunfights, gunfights, gunfights as we hit roughly the midpoint of season 4.
  • As we approach the endpoint of TNT’s Animal Kingdom, murders are about to be solved and alliances are in jeopardy, but we could pretty much say that for every Sunday.
  • The Chi shows some class as the hit by the late Jermaine Stewart gives the Lena Waithe show episode’s title tonight, and based on the first line of the trailer, it’s quite literal. We’re bringing ’80s hits back to the charts… why not that one?
  • Speaking of 1980s (and more aptly 1970s) legends, Reelz is doing its music documentary thang again with odes to two Hall of Fame metal bands. KISS: Story of Their Songs is followed by Judas Priest: Story of Their Songs so grab your army and break a bunch of laws.

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