What To Watch: 07/22/2022

It’s the streamingest of Streaming Fridays (yes, we’re going to keep trying to make that happen) as Ryan Gosling stars in the most expensive movie ever to make it to Netflix first, Billy Porter makes his directorial debut in a trans coming-of-age flick on Prime alongside a Ray Winstone-Russell Crowe boxing film, and an Apple TV original comedy returns for a third season. If you still love to make appointments with the TV, we’ve got a new Cesar Milan dog-training show and Rupaul’s greatest contest yet going into its semi-finals(?).

The Gray Man [Netflix]
This much anticipated thriller from the Russo Brothers stars Ryan Gosling as the CIA’s “most skilled mercenary” who finds himself being hunted by a “psycopathic” former colleague, played by Chris Evans.

Anything’s Possible [Amazon Prime]
Billy Porter is having quite the last few years–the Pose star is a first-time director with this series about a transgender teenage romance. While surely some right-wingers will twist themselves into a pretzel, it’s a perfect time for this take, it looks great, and the early buzz is positive.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 7 [VH1, 8p]
We are at the last challenge of the season! No one is blocked and it is anybody’s game (although, it’s not looking great for Shea). Jinkx has four stars, Trinity and Jaida each have three. Everyone else has two starts except for Shea who has one. It seems like the top three are pretty much guaranteed and the rest of the queens will be fighting it out for the last spot in the finale, but who knows what twists Ru has in store? I would love to see some extra stars in play. Show us some star stealing! 


  • Russell Crowe hops in the ring again as a turn of the 19th Century boxer in the new Amazon Prime movie Prizefighter: The Life of Gem Belcher.
  • Cesar Milan stands alone as the king of dog training on TV, and why shouldn’t be–his kindness, charisma, and effectiveness have separated him from the rest, whoever that even is. His latest program returns for a new season on Nat Geo tonight and it’s Cesar Milan: Better Human, Better Dog. Hard to argue with that.
  • “Alright, let’s blow some glass!” The one and only glass-blowing reality competition show Blown Away returns for a third season on Netflix.
  • The Apple TV comedy Trying boasts one of the best titles for a show about navigating the complications of life, love, and family. The third season of the charming sitcom makes it out today.
  • Finally, we’ll leave you in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) where Lifetime’s movie name generator has spit out The Wrong Marriage. It’s from the Keeping Up with the Joneses series.

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