What To Watch: 07/18/2022

You know it’s a relatively quiet day, even for a Monday when our recs are a Polish movie, a game show, and a sports doc–but, hey, all of those above look good.

Too Old For Fairy Tales [Netflix]
A little boy is forced to rethink his priorities (cruel, but OK) in this heart-warming Polish comedy.

The Captain [ESPN, 10p]
The Boston Red Sox currently have a player named Jeter Downs. It’s very weird. Anyway, the New York Yankees captain gets the ESPN experience (but apparently not the whole 30 for 30 experience). If you lived under a rock, we’re talking about Derek Jeter. Only five men have more base hits in MLB history.

Beat Shazam [Fox, 9p]
This modern day Name That Tune is fun for me because back in the ’90s i could have won. Today? Not so much…. but it’s still entertaining to watch contestants try to beat the music finding app. Oh, and Jamie Foxx does a fine job as host.


  • The premise of The Other One is so crazy that of course it had to come from real life. The comedy entering its second season on Acorn TV (from BBC) features Lauren Sochi and Ellie White as two half-sisters whose father named them the same in order to avoid confusion as he lived a double life with a secret family.
  • Discovery+ drops a pair of true crime puzzler docs with very specific (and quite different realms). The Submarine Killer: Confessions of a Murderer is joined by the oh so modern The TikTok Man: Catching a Predator. The streaming network wants to make sure you never go on TikTok or a submarine again.
  • Taking its name from the 1980s international megahit (and medium-sized U.S. hit) by the band Opus, Live is Life is a Spanish coming-of-age drama new to Netflix.
  • We’ll end this round-up in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) with perhaps the most headscratching Lifetime title to date. Phrogging: Hiding in My House apparently refers to the practice of living secretly in the entrails of someone else’s house… in other words, the plot of Parasite and that ended well, right? I only watched the first half. Anyway, the Lifetime true crime docu-series debuts tonight.

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