What To Watch: 07/13/2022

A rising writer/standup/sketch artist gets a showcase, Randy Marsh is now emo (apparently), and one of the great heist/aeronautics mysteries is re-examined… these are the shows of our recs. We’ve also got the return of an underrated animated space comedy and a profile of a late Israeli prime minister.

Everything’s Trash [Freeform, 10p]
One half of Two Dope Queens (making her one dope queen), Phoebe Robinson has deserved her own spotlight for a long time. Freeform feels like an odd landing spot, but hopefully this promising looking comedy works out and makes her a star. 

South Park: The Streaming Wars, Part 2 [Paramount+]
One of the better things about Paramount + is how they’ve become the landing spot for the new series of South Park specials. Well we got Part 2 of the streaming wars to contend with today. Streaming services? You betcha, but not the kind you are expecting. And Randy Marsh may go full Karen.

DB Cooper, Where Are You? [Netflix]
This investigative miniseries looks at D.B. Cooper’s heist and speculates on his success and/or failure. The trailer makes it all seem kind of fun.

The Challenge [CBS, 9p]
Last week we were introduced to a new batch of recruits from Big Brother, Love Island, Survivor, and Amazing Race. They chose partners and embarked on their first challenge (just a simple rappel down a 22 story building while solving a math problem, no biggie). The worst team of the day went straight into elimination while the winning team chosej who they faced off against. We got to see some world class politicking as people worked to avoid being sent in. At the end of the episode TJ dropped a bomb on the contestants – their partners will be chosen at random each week, ensuring that they don’t work with the same partner twice. What will this mean for alliances? This will certainly make for interesting strategizing! 


  • Those quirky animated aliens among humans return for a third season of Hulu’s Solar Opposites. Anyone remember The Neighbors–the poorly reviewed live action show with the similar concept? We miss that show–it deserved better.

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