What To Watch: 07/10/2022

The lesser writer’s room spinoff of Bojack Horseman returns–and to say that is more a comment of how great Undone is. Lisa Hanawalt’s show about a shy baker song thrush and a messy temp toucan.

The Anarchists [HBO, 10p]
HBO takes its trandemarked hard-hitting docu-series approach to the political movement that eschews the political spectrum. Anarchists have existed as long as the system it either despises or counterpoints, depending on various philosophies. Even as a devout “vote blue, no matter who”-head, I will contend now is a great time for a deep dive into the various voices in the community.

Tuca & Bertie [Adult Swim, 12a]
We all miss Bojack Horseman, but one of the closest things to it is still around. The third season of the insoucient series helmed by BH writer Lisa Hanawalt is here and our existential best friends are still trying to figure life out.Tuca’s got a new job and Bertie may have a chance to prove herself. Welcome back you feathered whackadoos.


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