What To Watch: 07/05/2022

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America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston [PBS, 9p]
As the infrastructure of the man-made country crumbles–both literally and metaphorically, my cousin Baratunde explores the natural beuaty that still permeates the country. Ok, despite sharing a last name, he’s no relation to me, but he is easily the coolest and funniest Thurston in the country. 

America’s Got Talent [NBC, 8p]
It’s Summer, so that can mean that new TV offerings are sparse. However, you can always count on AGT. It’s not deep watching, but can be on interesting look into the psyche of America. There is true talent here, but you will have to sit through some magicians.


  • PBS still feels our country could have a redemptive arc, even if most of us are feeling our beacon’s light ebb. In addition to the Baratunde Thurston adventure show above, public television is releasing The Great Muslim American Road Trip. The docu-series aims to show–through a cross-country car journey by a Muslim couple–how interwoven the experience of the religion is with the history of the country itself (or at least of its better angels).
  • If you enjoy celebrities and amateurs playing mini-golf with bizarrely exaggerated hazards, you’re in luck in that the Rob Riggle-hosted Holy Moley is still going strong at ABC. NBA legend Stephen Curry (who is also one of the game show’s producers) guests.
  • One of the few scripted shows with a new episode on trad TV tonight is The CW’s take on Tom Swift. The title of the episode is “…And the Benefits of Bondage”… so do with that what you will. Either way, as the first words of the promo point out, well, swiftly, Tom’s in trouble.
  • On the other hand, one of the Scholars favorite new shows has a new episode on streaming, specifically Hulu. We find out a bit more about the last days in the life of acerbic Arconia building manager Bunny Folger (and is she actually Charles’ half-sister?!) on the third episode of Only Murders in the Building‘s second season. We’re hoping for more Shirley MacLaine.

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