What To Watch: 07/03/2022

As it’s a holiday weekend, there’s not an overload of new content, however, there is one major British show that was pushed back from an original release of last week. It makes it somewhat easy to know where to start.

We Hunt Together [Showtime, 7:30p]
The second season of this British thriller, which sounds like a Hallmark Mystery mixed with Luther, premieres all at once (and is streaming too). Determined to prove they’ve found the killer from season one, detectives Lola and Jackson find themselves upset by a mysterious and wacky serial killer, The Birdman.

Westworld [HBO, 9p]
So now that the robots are out on the world, it’s Maeve that is the dangerous one. And now that Caleb’s family knows he isn’t crazy, they can make a hell of a team. And what is the Man in Black’s plan? The chessboard that is this show is getting interesting.

The Art of Incarceration [Netflix]
This new Netflix documentary deals with a group of indigenous Australians who are trying to find freedom through their artistic creations. 


  • Bringing together Alicia Keys and Ben Stiller for the first time (or maybe not, who knows), the star-studded Ukraine: Answering the Call is the classic concert for a cause featuring musicians, comedians, and other celebrties. It’s on NBC.

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